Funny item #1.




Hello all. Okay, so that you people don’t hate me right away when I try to share my controversial idiotic way of life, I’m going to start blogging with something really stupid. If I wanted to get you guys to hate me right away, I’ll tell you about the new book I’m reading :P.


So this is something I’m probably going to post more of (hence the #), and whenever I pass by something funny in my life.

Funny item #1 is the Loofah! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Loofah! I was taking a shower this morning and I used a Loofah! Haha, I don’t know about you guys, but the word Loofah to me is funny. Whether you say it in arabic or english, and since I haven’t used one in a long time, Loofah is funny item #1.

Okay, I realize this wasn’t a very productive or interesting post, but it’s still 1 PM, I am going to post something else later today, but I just wanted to try myself out with this, enjoy :).


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5 responses to “Funny item #1.

  1. Nizar

    I can’t really see what’s funny ^^
    but go on, hopefully #2 would be funny 😛

  2. Dude, it’s the word “Loofah”
    Like I said “I don’t know about you guys”, but I find the word Loofah funny =).

  3. Mido Thakeb

    Haha…okay i never really thought of that one!
    I think every1 should have there own Loofah though, i just thought id say tht! 🙂

  4. Soomz

    Okay the word is funny but shadiii why is this loofa so MESSED UP ??? =|

  5. lmao, it’s kinda REALLY old.

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