Dubai = $

uae_mapLiving in dubai is expensive, there’s no doubt about it, but do you get your money’s worth ? My family recently moved to Dubai, from a crummy town called Ras Al Khaimah, and my dad’s only half pleased with the move. Although it’s a lot easier for him to get to work (he actually walks 20 seconds to get there instead of 2 hours), the difference in expenses is monstrous! Rent is up almost 6x, going out costs 10x more than it used to.

It’s ridiculous how people in Jordan who find out my family lives in the UAE think we own a fucking oil well! Yeah we get paid 5 times what you guys earn in Jordan, but we pay 10 times what you guys do. People say this country is cheaper cause we don’t have taxes, but that only applies in the case of electronics. Our food, clothes and all commodities have an in-price tax, so the only difference is we don’t get told that there’s a 16% tax on our items, we just pay for them.

The financial crisis as well hit Dubai just as much as it hit the US, maybe even more. Hello, we have more real estate packed up than the world combined ! The banks are getting screwed, real estate companies are getting butchered, and everyone thinks we still have more money than the world.

Yes, they spent $20 million on a stupid firework show for the opening of the Atlantis which ironically led to the hotel catching on fire, D’oh! But that’s the problem, the media fucks everybody up. Palestinians are terrorists, Americans are Gods and Emarati’s are all millionaires! Yeah well that’s not the way things are, and I’m sick and tired of stereotypes. A week ago, I took a taxi from “Mojama3 al shamal” and told the guy to take me to City Mall. I was wearing a GAP sweater, and I got a call on my phone (I have an iPhone) and the guy immediately looks at me and says “Ohh, a nice nice telephooone, you look Khaleeji” and I was like “Yeah, umm I’m from Jordan”. So the asshole immediately takes me the long way to City Mall. I ask him what the hell he was doing, and he’s like ohh this is a shortcut. I tell him it’s not, and he insisted that it was, so I told him to go whatever way he wants. Anyway, so we get to the mall and he asks me for 3.5 dinars. I told the idiot that I only pay 2, and I told him that he had taken the long way. After a 5 minute argument I threw 2 dinars at him and got out. That’s because I had an iPhone ? What if I wore a dishdash ?

Stop fucking stereotyping ! Not everyone who’s from the Khaleej is Khaleeji ! And not everyone who lives in the Khaleej is a millionaire !


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3 responses to “Dubai = $

  1. Mido Thakeb

    Great stuff man… very informative as well
    everything u said is true, till the full stop. =)

  2. Sooomz

    OMG !! Shadi that is so true -__- Ya3niii they think just cuz u come from the gulf that means uve got all the money in the world !!! and yeh everything yew said it 100 % true and i agree with you =D

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