Life works in mysterious ways.

img_01021It’s funny how life works. Yesterday, technically before yesterday, I posted “The man I am” post and let me quote myself : “I’ve never prayed or gone to church,except on occasions” and this evening I went to church with my family. It was totally random, I was sitting down writing down my “Dubai = $” blog and my mom was like Shadi go dress nice, we’re going to church. I was like “Who? What ?”.

Dad came home from work (yeah my dad works on friday, so save room maybe that’s why I look the part) and we drove up to the church. It was really beautiful, hundreds of people from all nationalities praying together. Me and dad waited outside and talked about his work, waiting for the ceremony to begin. I could just feel warmth, love and serenity hovering all over the church ground. To me, that’s what christianity is all about, the love that binds all people together and brings all of us together, even if we don’t know who everyone is.

The ceremony started and we all sat down. The priest walked in and the ceremony began, and the choir started to chant, and immediately the room was filled with an aura that I can’t define. I was happy, sad and afraid all at the same time. Everyone was praying along with the priest and I was standing there like an idiot, and I wished for one moment that I was a devout christian. Not so I can be close to God or anything like that, but because if I were a devout christian, I wouldn’t have to write that previous post.

Anyway, at the end of the ceremony, the priest prays on wine and bread,  and then everyone attending is given a piece of bread dipped in wine, resembling the blood and body of Jesus Christ, but let’s not go into details. So after that I knelt down next to mom, and prayed to be a better person, better than the ” man I am “.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you guys, God bless…


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4 responses to “Life works in mysterious ways.

  1. Mido Thakeb

    Nice work man!
    I like the title.
    Dude this is sad…im the only one commenting at the moment >_>

  2. Yeah, traffic to my blog sucks dick. Thanks for being a one-man support. You’re worth 1000 hits 🙂

  3. Sab3eL3eiSh

    Religions are all about spirituality and feeling the presence of god anywhere you do it and every single time u do it 🙂
    Great one man.Keep up the good work

  4. Soomz

    Okay this is my fav blog till now =)
    I like the title as well …

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