2009 and yet another iPhone…

iphone-evidenceSpeculations have been hovering over iPhone-related websites for the release of a new iPhone in 2009. MacRumors found evidence of a new iPhone in the 2.x firmware (code shown above). After digging deep within, MacRumors discovered this code, and “iPhone2,1″ implies the next generation iPhone. The first iPhone’s model number is “iPhone1,1″, while the iPhone 3G’s is “iPhone1,2″, therefore; “iPhone2,1″ is very promising.

Many designers have already posted up their own ideas for a new iPhone. The one I most like is Gizmodo’s concept design, which reveals a slide out keyboard for that sometimes-annoying on-screen keyboard, and a better camera. Another one that I find appealing is the iPhone Nano. Okay, the name isn’t that ingenious, but everyone knows what a Nano of an apple product would look like.

I’m currently content with the iPhone 3G, although the camera sucks when used in a dim-lighted area, and the multi-touch makes for a great evidence bag for C.S.I (hence the fingerprints), we’re all waiting for what 2009 brings. I’m looking forward to what Apple releases, although with Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., out sick for the next few months things won’t be the same. My fingers are crossed.

Yes, I’m a gizmo freak =) !

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One response to “2009 and yet another iPhone…

  1. Mido Thakeb

    The design (Gizmodo’s) looks amazing…
    dude ur a freak…just like u mentioned.

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