Hay a5ert el 3arab…

The following excerpts are taken from Arab newspapers applauding the actions of the Turkish prime minister and condemning the ass of a leader, Amro Musa.

We were not surprised to see the Turkish prime minister walking off the stage because he was not allowed to respond to Shimon Peres’ misleading statements. We were surprised to see Arab League Secretary-General Amr Musa remaining on the same platform as Peres, without either challenging him or exposing his lies.


Erdogan’s action conveys many messages and could turn the whole international scene upside down. The important question now is: did the Arabs get the message?


Erdogan proved once again that he is more Arab and human than most Arab rulers… Amr Musa’s reaction was, in fact, a sin and absolutely astonishing.

Basically they’re telling us the fact that has been killing me for as long as I know, the Arab leaders are cowards. Especially Amro Musa ! What the fuck man, Turkey stands up for us and you stand there like a little bitch doing what exactly ? When the fuck are our leaders going to do anything, when they can’t even stand up and talk! All our voices, all our shouts, all our cries and all our tears, and for what ? For that dick to stand right next to Peres and say nothing, JUST FUCKING GREAT !


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4 responses to “Hay a5ert el 3arab…

  1. save room

    u should change it from hay a5ret il 3arab la hay awal il 3arab. nothing new. aslan kilmet 3arab bit3aber 3an 7alha.

  2. Save you’re absolutely right. Today i stand ashamed of calling myself an arab.
    Hey save, what’s turkey’s policy on passports ? Maybe we can take some of our pride back eh ?

  3. Mido Thakeb

    I like it..informative..
    ill ttyl in details.

  4. Yeah man, I’m on my way to AD to get my knee checked. Call me later k..

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