Song of the week

n7247461665_622705_6793Every week, I’m going to be posting a new song that I personally like. This week it’s the local Jordanian rock band “Jadal”, with one of my favorite songs for them “Sa’latny”. The song is about the insufficiency of an older man towards a younger girl. The music is exactly what they set it out to be, a blend of traditional arabic music and western rock. I personally really like Jadal and I think all their songs are amazing. This particular one bears a special memory to me, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Listen to it [here]

Jadal are currently working on a new album, said to be released in April of this year. They’re also asking for support in the Orange talent contest, which includes many of our favorite Jordanian local talents.

To vote for Jadal send an SMS with the word JADAL to :

0777102020 or +962777102020 from outside Jordan
Or send an email with the word JADAL in the subject and message body to : 
Every phone number or email account counts as only ONE vote, so spread them out over many accounts and numbers =).

You can be the lucky winner of a Home Theater from Orange. Jadal are also offering a special edition signed CD for you to join their group and invite all your friends.

Vote for Jadal, because I already did =) they ROCK!


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5 responses to “Song of the week

  1. Soomz

    Hay awal mara basma3 fihom !!! They are amazing !!! =D
    Thanxxx for the link =P They got my vote =P
    THEY ROCK !!!

  2. Mido Thakeb

    They’re very good =)
    who knew jordanians could make music. 😛

  3. >_> Screw you bitch, we have lots of artists.
    Check it out [here]

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