Kos o5t Israel 3ars !

I’m sorry for the aggressive title but I can’t take any more of this shit. Every time I’m on youtube or just surfing the web I find more grueling and disgusting gibberish of Israeli’s and their supporters with their ignorant minds and pure bullshit outlook on the Palestinian-Israeli situation. I think this comic says it best, “Once upon a time in Rafah” : 

n511728962_1376541_5006 Israeli children (those who were born in OUR land) have all grown up with only this in mind : Palestinians are terrorists, this is our land, and we have a right to kill them all. Not only this, but again the media fucks up everything. The brainwashing invention of a lifetime, the television. It shows you what it wants to show you. It’s biased, racist, judgmental and accuses whoever it wants whatever it wants. This is an excerpt of a comment posted on the video added in this post :


die pussies die
Im happy that arabic kids were killed ahauahuahaa assholes Im laughing at u weaks mass more with die more like the rest of u!
and hamas watch ur back i come to hunt u all down.

Here’s another comment : 

The show is not objective at all

I’ve watched the video and I think batter to say I know that this show has shown only one side of the coin. 
go and make a short moive in cities like SHDEROT which has been suffring from terrorism for so long and countune to.

If you don’t know they are killing israli pepole they don’t care who have they killed 
arbic terrorists boomb themselves in busses,resturnats and more public places in order to kill innocent citizens whie we keep efforts only to harm terror organization

our goverment supplies medicl help,food,electricity to GAZA “

I won’t even begin to talk about the first part, because talking about terrorist bombings by Islamic groups are a totally different and never-ending discussion, please read the last few lines : They only target terror organizations ? That explains why the recent 1300 dead Palestinians are mostly children ? Willa by mistake ? Willa because terrorists were hiding behind the children ? Get a load of this too, Israel apparently has been giving Gaza food and medical supplies on the down low, without any of us knowing. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK ? In the video you’ll see a non-arab talking about the terror going on in Palestine ! No, it’s not just Gaza! The ignorant youth of today know nothing about the war on Palestine! Watch the video and find out about Rafah. Watch how back in 2003 they killed innocent children. Watch how ricochet bullets and  sharpnel from bombs kill and injure innocent children riding their bikes around their house, that’s if they have a house. Talking about the new “trend” of wearing the Palestinian “7atta” is also a new topic that I promise to talk about in the next few posts. 

What I hate more is people, all people ! Everyone gets on my nerves nowadays. My parents have one view, my friends have another view, and each friend a view depending on his nationality ! I don’t want to be racist, and I’m not generalizing, but every time Gaza strikes up a conversation my pure Jordanian friends keep telling me this : “Man, Israel where there first !”. Where the fuck did they get that shit from ? No, Israeli’s were NOT in Palestine first, that’s why it’s called PALESTINE you fucking morons !

Watch this video documentary, it shows you an extremely small part of what Israel does :

I’m so full of anger, rage and disgust ! What the fuck are we doing ? Why the fuck are Arabs standing around doing nothing ? Why ? Why ?! Why the fuck did Chavez and Erdogen stand up for us while our Arab leaders do nothing ? Why ? Let’s not get into that because I swear I’ll probably get thrown in jail for the answer I’ll give to that. Although it’s plain obvious why our leaders are technically at peace with Israel.

Me and a few people only have been non-stop about the war, while other people have just forgotten about what happened. 1300 people have died in vain ? So I stop asking and stop seeking the truth ? There is so much I want to talk about and so much I want to discuss, which I will talk about in the next few posts.

So basically, please watch the entire video, even if it’s 10 minutes. And check back for the next posts cause they’re going to talk about “wearing the 7atta is racist”, “suicide bombings” and maybe if I get crazy enough “the reason Arabs stand still”.

Please comment and show your support to Palestine.

❤ God bless Palestine : the red, white, green and black.


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3 responses to “Kos o5t Israel 3ars !

  1. Soomz

    Damn shadii !!! I can see how mad are you about this situation through this post and am actually lookin forward for the next posts . Everything you said is true , every part of it , i can hardly see anyone talkin abt whats goin on in Ghazza anymore , even my friends who are FROM GHAZZA ITSELF … everybody just forgot abt it .
    You are right abt the different views of people , and i think you just called me a moron through ur post -__-

    I truely respect Chavez and Erdogen for standing up for Palestine , the Arab leaders couldnt even raise up their voice , all they did was a MEETING and it ended up with no solution for any problem in the arab world !!!

    We all know that Israel has violated all human rights during this war but NO-ONE did anything abt it … and i dont think anyone will…

    We all know what goes on in Palestine and am not surprised with whats showin in the video cuz I already know about it , bas the only people who can make a difference are the LEADERS =) unless they unite , nothing is gonna change !!

  2. Soomz nothing is going to change, not even if they unite! Soomz shaklo I’m going to be crazy enough to post the Arab Leaders’ post =) wait and see..

  3. Mido Thakeb

    One of ur good posts.

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