Funny item #2.

Funny item #2 comes from home as well, the infamous Mr. Potato Head =) you gotta love him! He’s not Mr. Potato Head unless you jumble his body parts around and make him look insanely crazy ! So here’s Mr. Potato Head, let’s hope he’s funnier than the messed up Loofah, hehe.


My older brother studies in the UK and every time he comes home for a vacation, me and him never get to see each other. Our vacations are always the exact opposite, he comes home and I go back to Amman, I come home and he goes to Leeds. To make up for not seeing me ย he always gets me nifty little gifts from Leeds and this year he got me something both amazing and funny. We’ve all seen Toy Story, and if you haven’t ra7 3aleek/3aleeki nos 3omrak/3omrek, hehe. Anyway, I used to worship Toy Story and my favourite character was the amazing “Mr. Potato Head” and Abe (that’s my brother) got him =D along with his whole damn family (the wife and kid =P), so here’s Mr. Potato Head, and his family =). Thanks 2b2oob !


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4 responses to “Funny item #2.

  1. Soomz

    Haha haha !! Who doesnt know the Toy Story ???!! Seriously its one of my favs too =D
    Theyre AMAZING ya shadii bedii =(
    Love this item =P

  2. Abe

    It’s my pleasure brazar
    hahaha i love the way u messed up potato head lol ๐Ÿ˜›
    look how Mrs. potato head is holding mr. potato’s hand hahahah mu3ak shadi
    Nice blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep it up

  3. Josh

    mr potatoe heads got a hot wife..
    and that kid kinda looks like me… ooooooooooh shit..

  4. LOL, they seem very popular yet I have never seen one ^^

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