In these hard times…

In these hard times of war and death, I can feel nothing but pain and anger towards everything in the world right now. Nothing is going right in 2009, absolutely nothing. Personally I have a lot of problems to work out, but globally things aren’t peachy. The war against Gaza, the global economic downfall, the brushfires in Australia…


Being a Palestinian, the thing that most angers me is Gaza. Yeah, the war has stopped but that doesn’t mean things are going any better for the Palestinians. What gets me through all this anger and stops me taking my rage out on people is arab rap music. I’m an enormous rockaholic but ever since the war started (and actually ever since September), I’ve only been able to listen to music by DAM and Ramallah Underground. Everytime I’m online or in the car I crank the volume up and my body shivers as I hear every lyric to every song, and I take my anger out by singing along.

DAM, or Da Arabian MC’s  is composed of Tamer Nafar, 27, his younger brother Suhell, 23, and Mahmoud Jreri, 24. The group has been performing together since the late 90s. Tamer, who had been performing Rap since 1998 with his brother, was first contacted by Mahmoud Jreri. Mahmoud was writing his own lyrics so they quickly decided to join forces and the group was born in 1999. All three members of the group were born and grew up in the slums of Lod, a mixed town of Arabs and Jews, 20 km from Jerusalem. 

Please check their myspace page for more details on DAM, and to listen to some of their songs : Here

I suggest that you all check out DAM and download and listen to their songs because they fucking rock ! Their songs stir up so much more issues than just the Palestine-Israel war, for example they have an amazing song from their new album “Dedication” called “Freedom for my sisters”, that’s talks about the suppressed rights of women. One of the most influential arab rap bands out there, please support them and start listening to them, and please LISTEN to the lyrics, don’t just listen to them…

2875277Another great and influential arab rap band is Ramallah Underground. Again, the same with these guys, feelings stir up that make your body shiver ! I shiver every time I listen to their song “Min El Kaheff”, which you can download here. Alongside some other great and amazing songs by Ramallah Underground. I’m telling you, once you start listening to arabic rap, Palestinian rap, and if you really feel strongly about the war on Palestine, then you will unleash all your anger out in the powerful lyrics, powerful music and amazing young artists that have chosen to represent the fight for Palestine with music.

For there is no stronger way to communicate to the whole world but music, so listen, download, and SPREAD THE WORD !

Palestine will prevail ! Palestine will be free! Our blood will not be spilt in vain! God bless Palestine !


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6 responses to “In these hard times…

  1. Dee

    DAM -‘3areeb fi bladi
    Ramallah Underground – 5aleeni a3eesh

    The Palestinian rap/ hip hop official website:

  2. Thanks for the website Dee, bas it doesn’t really have all the songs.
    RU isn’t there, TAJ has 2 songs, and DAM has only the old song..
    But still it’s nice to see a large number of Palestenian rappers out there =)

  3. methgal

    ppl sometimes wake up feeling bad cuz there hair doesn`t look good or breakfest is late or any other silly reson in there life
    what i wana say is your blog helped open eyes .
    i allways knew wars and globle problems but never saw them in a real point of view ,we were blinded by the t.v newz ,i lsned to these songs men zamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan but i swear didnt get the msg like i do now

  4. Fuck, glad my blog benefits someone =P
    Keep checking it man, there will always be stuff like this..

  5. Soomz

    Shadiiiiiiii wlak sho had ? =D
    The songs are amazing !!!
    Thanxxx for the infoo

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