Random thoughts of mine..

This is just a random post, encompassing some of the many thoughts that are running through my mind this instance. 

Let’s start with it being a new year. I didn’t celebrate new years, nor did I acknowledge the fact that the number at the end of the 200 had changed. No new year’s resolution, no partying, nothing of that sort. Just black thoughts of injustice and anger towards a nation that has tried for 60 years to beat us down, and yet we still hold our heads up high. Gaza was a topic that was on everyone’s mind : man, woman and child alike. It spurred passion in the hearts of patriots, a passion to do the impossible to be heard. It spurred a fight in the warriors of our country, a fight with stones and words, met with the forceful opposition of heavy artillery and bulletproof vehicles. It spilt the blood of the innocent, the blood of children, the blood of our future defenders and warriors. It also spurred tears and protests around the world. But alas, the fighting is over, and the passion seems to have faded, and the tears replaced by vodka shots in local pubs.


Yes, argue me that life goes on, argue that I can’t hold my stand against Israel forever. You might be right, and sooner or later an occasion will arise where I have to be happy, but that doesn’t mean I have to forget. My portfolio on Palestine will only grow bigger with time, my passion will only grow stronger, my country I will always shout for. I can blog a funny item if I find one, but a few days later I will blog another old documentary, another photo, another war crime, and it doesn’t mean I contradict myself, it means I am merely human, and every human is greedy for happiness and smiles every  once in a while.

Anyway, that was towards the end of 2008, a year which rations out more good than bad to me, even if it ended badly. The beginning of 2008 was a great time for me, a time when I fell in love. Yeah, I will say she is the prettiest and best girl in the world because she is and loved me back unconditionally and honestly, and to me that makes a perfect woman, my perfect woman. I don’t want to spend too much talking about her because she’s probably going to kick my ass for this part of the post anyway =P but I just want to share with her and everyone that I’m not in love with her like I was back in February. I’m so much more in love with her, and it just keeps growing with time. I can’t wait to go back to Amman and see her =).


Let’s see, what else is on my mind… well I’m having an amazing prawn caesar salad my mom made, yummy !

No seriously,what else happened in 2008… yeah in the summer of ’08 I had my knee surgery. It was excruciatingly painful to live with for the few months that followed. First I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed. Then I began my physiotherapy course that was even more painful. Then I had to endure 2 months of fully extending my leg raised up 90 degrees, and at the same time I had to wear an awfully annoying knee brace and I had to walk around with 2 crutches, which later turned to one. So that was the downfall of ’08, I was forbidden to play a game I had grown to love, basketball. I’m still not allowed to play but I’m currently working on my physiotherapy and gym work like crazy, and I hope to be on the courts in a couple of months, whoot !


What else happened in 08, hm.. if you’re wondering while I’m still reminiscing 08 it’s because 09 has been a shit-load of boring ! Nothing has happened except crappy shitty things, and I just hope it gets better.

I fell in love with Jack Johnson’s music, and started learning his songs on the guitar. 5 stars for Jack Johnson! I’ll post up a video of the song I learnt to play, and no it won’t be me playing -_-, it’s too early to post embarrassing videos of me playing the guitar =P.

cd-jack-johnsonUmm, yeah well that’s it for now. My mom kept hassling me with stuff so I kept losing track of what I was thinking >_> … ohh yeah I just remembered, I gained like 10 KG’s and I look like a fucking cow -_- … I’m working on losing the weight in the coming month, fingers crossed.

Anyway, let’s hope things shape out to the best in ’09 and God bless all of us. God bless Palestine and may the souls of all those who perished rest in peace. Till the next random thoughts of mine…

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