What were they thinking ? Top 5 WTF's..

    After a few days of posting absolutely nothing, Shadz is back with a laugh. He has managed to laugh his ass off, and hopefully send a few laughs out to you guys, with some hilarious photos of our beloved celebrities making fucking fools out of themselves, hahaha! So let’s count the top 5 that I found especially hilarious, or just plain ugly, or both :p..


5. Katie Holmes – Does Tom approve of this ?


4. Diane Keaton – She looks like she’s wearing those belts I used to wear when I’d go to the gym. What’s up with the skirt ?


3. Paula Abdul – Going a little Michael are we ?


2. Mary-Kate Olsen – was late so she had to wrap herself with the curtain in her living room and then topped it off with the fur headband. WOW.


1. Madonna – Defiantly deserves the number 1 spot ! Congrats Madonna.  I think she’s taking the “getting in touch with nature” thing a little too far..haha!


Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, it’s fascinating how celebrities sometimes take fashion a little too far. 

* What we learnt from this post : Rich Celebrity + High end designer = a “WTF were they thinking” moment :P*

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One response to “What were they thinking ? Top 5 WTF's..

  1. HAHAA 😀

    What is wrong with a normal outfit? 😛

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