Top 10 must-do's before you die !

Personally I think people enjoy a blog with lots of pictures and lists, because I certainly like reading posts like that and enjoy posting them. I started my first one yesterday, with the “Top 5 WTF’s” and today I’m taking a different turn with a list I randomly came up with of the top 10 things to do before you die. The list isn’t in order of which is best, everything is just randomly numbered. Tell me if you’ve done any of them =P.

10. Go Skydiving – There’s nothing more exciting than jumping out of a plane, reaching speeds of 180 mph armed with nothing but a parachute.


9. Dock With The International Space Station – Although many of us will not be able to accomplish this, unless you have an extra $20 million lying around somewhere, it would be amazing to stare at the blue marble we call Earth, while experiencing zero G.



8. Visit the great wall of China – 4163 miles of wall, FUCKING incredible !


7. Learn a musical instrument – In my life, music is everything. I listen to it every time, everywhere… learning a musical instrument and being able to MAKE music, is so much more rewarding than pressing play on your iPod. Any instrument, whether it’s the banjo or the clarinet, it’s always worthwhile.


6. Learn a whole new language – Learning a new language is always an amazing thing to accomplish, it takes dedication and a lot of practice. I tried learning Spanish, and then got lost somewhere along the way. I do know how to curse though, haha!


5. Drink a bottle of Snapple – This might not be something amazing, but for those who live in Jordan, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Snapple anywhere in Jordan! If you haven’t tried a snapple, please do, it’s made from the best stuff on Earth ;)…


4. Dive with sharks – I’ve never been snorkeling or diving or even been in the water outside a beach or swimming pool, but I believe this is a must do, I’ve seen it on the discovery channel 😛 SHARKS !


3. Shoot a gun – This is an incredible thing to do. No, I’m not promoting violence or murder 😛 I mean go to a shooting range. Seriously, the adrenaline rush is amazing :).




2. Ascend Mount Everest – Yeah a bit far-fetched but fucking wild !


1. Fall in love – Maybe the best way to top this list of would be this. There’s nothing more satisfying than being in love. #1 is only understandable if you’ve been there, so for those who already are in love, hold on to that special person. To those who have never been, good luck in finding it.


Tell me if you’ve done any of the above :)…


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14 responses to “Top 10 must-do's before you die !

  1. josh g

    man i’ve done numbers
    3 and well 1 i guess.. but.. then again it never really worked out.. so.. yea.. but u on the other hand.. hold on to it man.. its the greatest experience u’ll ever have in ur life time..

  2. I’ve done 7 6 5 3 and 1, well maybe only half of 6 but still 😛 it counts..

  3. Mido Thakeb

    I’ve done numbers:
    7 (i play flute quite well) 😛
    4 i did try diving sharks though…just fish! so it kinda counts..
    3 i actually tried a 9mm…10mm…a rifle and a shotgun (fucked my shoulder for a week!)
    NOW…what i would like to do the most would definitely be no. 10…what im hoping to do very VERY soon is no. 6….what im hoping to have after a the one and
    Great post man. =)

  4. Mousa

    i try num 3 it’s amazing , and im trying num 6 ,
    i tried num 10 ( no comment ) , bas the very interesting thing that i may try when i think in commiting suicide is diving with sharks !!!!

    nice post shadi :p

  5. I have plans to go bungy jumping and diving this summer, wanna join me? you never know, we might fall in love on the way 😛

  6. Hahaha, you wish 😛

  7. I will teach you Swedish ;P

  8. I’ll teach you my spanish swear words then. Yalla start teaching me, give me a list of Swedish swear words, haha! =P

  9. OK so here is what I’ve done:
    10,5,4,3 and 1.
    Deep sea diving would be my favorite, way more fun than skydiving.
    I also went bungee swinging (instead of dropping head down, you fall down then you swing, LOVED IT)

  10. Shadz is jealous! I’m glad you find amusement in boasting about experiences I have on my wish list 😦 hehe.

  11. Don’t be jealous! You are only 19, you still have lots of time!
    Oh wait, you will be a doctor with a bad knee, nevermind. LOOOL

  12. Cheap shot 7aki, cheap shot >_> …

  13. Shadz, wa7ad.
    7aki fadi, 7aki fadi.
    Hahaha ;-).

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