Celebrity make-over…

Have you heard of Chris Brown’s latest hobby : “Kung Rihannafu” ? Well this story is a little old but apparently her make-over photo has been leaked on the internet,courtesy of TMZ!


I personally like Chris Brown, he has charisma, but seriously man WTF ? Didn’t you momma teach you not to hit a lady ? Seriously, what possible argument could they have gotten into that would drive this crazy mother fucker into doing this to her ? I’ve seen Jordanian street fights with less damage, Jesus ! I’ve been saving this post until I got a picture of Rihanna so here it is. I can’t imagine how much make up she has to wear over the next month. Well until the next Hollywood fued =) stay tuned…


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2 responses to “Celebrity make-over…

  1. Oh, I really feel bad for her, I hope he gets what he deserves, this is no acceptable behaviour.

  2. All that asshole did was say sorry ! >_> wtf ?

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