Once upon a rainy day…

superstock_1538r-499511Woke up today to the sound of the rain hammering on the roof of my place, and I couldn’t stay asleep. I washed up and what not (damn, I forgot to brush my teeth :P) and grabbed my guitar and sat by the window. Might sound a little cheesy but there’s nothing more therapeutic to me than playing my guitar when it rains. I love rain, whether it’s heavy and freezing or just slowly drizzling a few drops here and there, rain is always fun. Walking in the rain has been a habit of mine ever since, I’ve always felt good after walking or jogging home soaking wet. Also, walking with a loved one in the rain is particularly special, especially if it’s cold and you have to wrap your arm around her. There’s nothing more romantic for a woman than walking her in the rain. A girl who doesn’t like the rain is like a girl who doesn’t like chocolate… but let’s not make this about girls shall we 😛 it’s about the rain.

My favourite song to play when it’s raining is a jack johnson song, and since my vocal chords aren’t the best in the business, and I don’t have an ounce of strength to make a video playing the song, I’ll just nick it off YouTube! The song is called “Banana Pancakes” and basically it’s about staying home on a rainy day, waking up late and making that special girl a banana pancake breakfast =) ohh yeah girls who don’t like pancakes also suck, and guys who know how to make pancakes rule ! (Yes I have the pleasure of being a slightly good chef 😛 not just pancakes)

Anyway enjoy the song and tell me if you like it =). Kudos to God for making the rain =). 

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