Let's just knock off the O, shall we ?

michelangelo-god        I believe in an entity more powerful than anyone on Earth. I believe that what comes around goes around, and that it is that entity that portrays the popular terms well known to mankind such as “Karma”, “Fate” and “Love”. Why I believe in that entity that has been named over time as “God” is because I do believe in miracles. I believe in the son of that entity, Jesus Christ, and all his miracles. I believe because I want to. I believe because no amount of science on Earth can shatter my belief in a greater force than any one of us mere mortals. I believe because every time I look around me and I see people walking by; every time I see people eating, talking, interacting, shaking hands, hugging, kissing and living, I want to believe that this is not caused by a mere explosion of gases and an evolvement from a single cell. The human body with all of it’s intricate details, it’s passion, it’s life, it’s soul, is too complex for me not to believe. I am happy believing, and although I might not be a devout Christian, I don’t believe a being can be judged on whether it went to church or not.

        Describing that entity as “God”, I believe, is just knocking the “O” off the word “Good”, hence turning it into “God”. Just as human beings have grown accustomed to words such as “money” and “books” and “water”, just as we have created languages, we have created the word “God”, which to me demeans and degrades something as powerful as that entity.

         He is much more than. Darn feminists. “The entity” that everybody has agreed upon to call “God” is in each and every one of us. It is like the animal instinct to survive, only that entity has favored us over animals, with our opposable thumbs. Why were you lucky enough to “evolve” into a human and lions still run around naked and hunt game ? Every human being should be thankful, thankful for the womb that he came out of, the mother that gave birth to him and the entity that favored him over livestock and reptiles. 

          The entity, or “God”, is love. (For the sake of humanity, I will resort to using God from now on) God is life, peace, tranquility, excellence, beauty and health. God is also death, famine, disease, war, anger and danger. God is in each and every human being, all you have to do is believe. Believe that he is inside you, that you are a good person and do good, then you will portray God.

         A saw an argument the other day where some guy said if our God is so great, then why does it not rain bread in Africa, as a reply to the death of thousands in poverty-stricken countries. Well the answer is very simple. Darwin was not far from the truth when he said that life was about survival, “survival of the fittest”, and that is how life works. Every person on Earth is sometimes faced with dilemmas, most of which come with sacrifices. I will sacrifice playing for studying so I can be successful. I will sacrifice my studies for a rave to be more popular, and so on. Well, for God to have balance on this Earth, then God had to sacrifice the death of some, for the birth of another. It simply means, again, that we are God, and just like our lives are based on rules and sacrifices, that is what God instilled in us since our very existence. Why chose some over others, I seriously don’t have an answer for that. It’s too difficult and don’t bother yourself asking me why some are fortunate and some aren’t. Maybe it’s like how we play poker, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

          Not being able to explain the existence of a higher entity doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Being an atheist and spending your days trying to disprove that there are forces stronger than you, is just you spending more days benefiting no-one. You want to be knowledgeable and well-rounded in the aspects of science, go study something that will benefit mankind. Those who live by the words of Einstein and other scientists who didn’t believe in the existence of God, keep forgetting that these men and women benefited mankind. Their words and wisdom is still used today in textbooks all over the world. So the next time an Atheist reads this post, tell me, is your name carved in history ?



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23 responses to “Let's just knock off the O, shall we ?

  1. ophalm

    do you understand why some atheists are opposed to faith and religion? it’s not like they are against people having freedom to think what they want, it’s that they believe that faith and religion is harming society and the world.

    when wars break out over religion and when people through religious conviction don’t care about the planet, then spending time to inform them, then they are benefitting mankind

  2. What about when wars break out over resources ? Over land ? If you say it’s religion that harms society, then what about governments ? What about our world leaders ? What about borders ? What about turning this Earth into a map divided by red lines ?
    If you say our problem is religion and the solution is turning our back to it, then why don’t we fight to turn our backs against our governments, our leaders and our borders ?

  3. ophalm

    I’m not denying those things for a second, and I am not saying our problem is religion, I was just stating why some atheists feel the way they do, and they do have a point.

    The other thing, is that governments, leaders and borders can be reformed, but religions tend to be what they’ve always been.

  4. Tell that to the mother in Gaza who lost 8 daughters, the country who lost 1,300 people in just 3 weeks, all because of some Nazi-like Israeli regime. Governments, leaders and borders can’t be reformed. Israel will never be held responsible for it’s inhumane acts. Obama isn’t going to change America. Now tell me what’s more important, me fighting God ? Or me fighting Nazi-like regimes ?

  5. ophalm

    The regimes are the major problem, but why is that israel isn’t going to be held responsible? because of zionism? because of the hebrew faith underlying their motivation.

    I’m not trying to say “one or the other”, I believe there are problems with religion that may or may not be worse/better than governments/regimes. but religion is not free from criticism in these regards

    I also don’t believe your statement “governments, leaders and borders can’t be reformed”, it might not be likely, and it might be difficult, but it can be done.

  6. I have just some comments for you:

    The big bang was not just a gas cloud explosion, it is what has caused everything to exist including energy, matter and time.
    It is hard for our ape brain to understand how the we came o exist because we are not built to understand it, but the big bang has been proven to be true and there is evidence to prove it to be true, so it would be stupid not to believe in it.

    We Humans did not evolve from monkey or lions, we and monkeys evolved from the same ancestor.
    We use our intelligence to suit our needs and purposes, and they do the same, we are smarter in socializing and building tools and they are smarter at hunting.
    We just use our intelligence to what ever helps us to exist and the same applies to them.

    God’s existence can not be proven or disproven because we do not have enough evidence to experiment with, but the truth in religions can be proven and disproven, and that is what people are focusing on.

    There is nothing wrong about believing in God or being a good person, the important thing is that your religion does not take over your ability to think logically and force you to do things without thinking.

  7. Shadz, Religion is not the root to all evil as Richard Dakwins has put it once, man will fight over what ever is scarce, and this is our nature.

    We as civilized people should support governmental and social structures that diminish such uncivilized behaviors.

    Religions is one of the many things that encourage people to kill the so called enemies of God and therefore many people are against religions.

  8. Well said fellow Christian,
    Personally, I believe that we are made by God and for God that’s why without Him life makes no sense.
    If there was no God, we would all be “accidents”, the result of astronomical random chance in the universe. But there is a God who has a reason for everything he creates. He planned it all for his purpose and left no detail to chance.
    God never does something accidentally and never makes mistakes.
    “Why chose some over others, I seriously don’t have an answer for that.”,; although sometimes we don’t really understand His purpose in some life aspects, He definitely has done it for a reason probably a reason beyond our mind’s comprehension.

    “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible,… everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.” Colossians 1 :16b

    It takes faith to believe and receive.

  9. Ophalm :
    The reason I believe that the mentioned issues cannot be changed is the same reason that religion has held such a powerful part of the world. It works for leaders, whether religious leaders or otherwise. Zionism benefits the US and apparently it’s been benefiting our fellow Arab countries as well since they’ve all stood like dummies, not powerless, but content with the way things are. They know the second they interfere everything is going to get fucked up, so why bother ? Let’s watch as countless children and women die in vain. That’s the reason I believe governments and leaders and regimes cannot be altered.

    “God does not play dice”, no ? So just as Wings explained, God made no accidents. You tell me that man and ape descended from the same origin, but you don’t say why, for example, Nizar evolved into a man, and someone else got locked up in a cage at the local zoo. My post is not with religion, bil 3aks, it’s with God. I do believe that religion has caused many problems as Ophalm mentioned earlier. As a Christian I grew up to honor the 10 commandments and I personally believe I grew up to be a good person. I agree to disagree upon Islam. I don’t believe God passed his words down to us so that he can get us to live blindly by Islam. For example, 2 things that I strongly disagree with in Islam are “The Hijab” and “Polygamy”. I don’t believe God created women as beautiful and fragile as they are, so that we can cover them up with with a piece of cloth. Some people might argue that it’s to defend honor and what not, and to stop people from drooling over beauty. Then why did God create land to be so beautiful ? Why didn’t he make Earth a wasteland so we can’t enjoy what he gave us, it’s ridiculous. The idea of polygamy is to protect the honor of a woman who can’t protect herself, hence the prophet marrying 99 women. The idea to muslims is correct, but the way it’s practiced makes me sick. The way muslims carry out polygamy nowadays refers to morally legal adultery, it’s dishonest and cheating. Religion has been abused, and that’s why so many people have decided to look elsewhere for faith and belief.

    Wings :
    Thank you. Yes, God did not create the universe randomly and neither does he play dice. The intricate details that went into the creation of man and the world is so much more complex for our simple human brains to absorb, maybe that’s why we only use 10% of our brain cells. Maybe in the thousands of years to come, man will be able to use more, and hence understand life, and understand the entity that is God. I have faith in two things, God and mankind.

  10. Wings:

    I would have bought your argument if life was perfect, but unfortunately life is not perfect and there is nothing perfect about it.

    We are just a bag of biological trash, full of diseases, our bodies collapse at an early age, our organs fail, if we were in deed designed we wouldn’t not be the way we are today.

    Science has managed to model the our creation from the start of the big bang till the evolution of modern day societies to the tiniest detail without the involvement of any god, the events are pure chance.

    It would be quite stupid to say that god left no space for chance because science has proven that to be false.

    Claiming that God can not make mistakes is just another stupid things to say, because life is full of mistakes.

    Arguing that it is hard for you to understand this or that will not prove these theories false, because they are built on evidence and not opinions.

    My advice to you is to read a little bit more about the theories of evolution and big bang.

  11. How can you believe that God does not make mistakes, look at our bodies, look at the world around.
    Maybe that needs proper education in evolutionary medicine to understand that, but look at how life is, there is the rich and the poor, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the healthy and the handicapped.

    That is not what I call perfect.

  12. Btw, if you want proof that our bodies are full of mistakes watch this:

  13. Nizar, here’s a little idea of why are bodies are not so perfect. You say that every human must live life with his own judgement. We are smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong and what not. I believe that we were created perfect, right at the start (Adam & Eve), but it’s impossible for us to stay perfect, because if we were, then mankind would cease to exist due to over-population. If you look at life when it was a lot simpler, people lived more fulfilling and healthier lives, but it’s the constant environmental factors that govern us. Why is my skin colored white, while President Obama’s is black. It’s basic geology, God created the world with different climates, and man adapted accordingly. It is the second our judgment slipped that caused us to turn into what we are today, HUMAN! We are not Gods, we are not immortals. If we were then God would just have created more Gods. That, by itself, proves to me that He is more powerful than any living man.

  14. anonymous

    It’s ironic that you chose Israel for your comments above in defense of religion. The only reason Israel exists today is due to the backing by American Christians and their lobbies… these loons believe that once Israel is totally controlled by the Jews (or some such nonsense) there will be the coming “Rapture” (or some such nonsense) and they will be “saved.” Israel owes its existence today because of religion — and the Israeli’s beliefs give them carte blanche to kill (as long as it’s done for religion).

  15. Then God has failed at making life fair for all humans equally. <– Mistake

    I am not talking about race, I do not consider skin color differences due to environment a mistake, watch the video and you will see and understand plenty of the mistakes that God has made when he created/designed us.

  16. anonymous:

    What about Pakistan?
    It seems that you have no problem at all when Muslims take over a country that isn’t theirs but when someone else does so you start complaining.

  17. Anonymous :
    Please read the comments above and find out that I am not in defense of religion, neither am I a devout Christian. I simply chose Israel to defend my claim that we have more important issues to solve than proving if God exists or not. I am merely with the idea of the existence of God.

  18. Nizar if what you call God did was a “mistake”, then I assure you it was an intentional “mistake”. “Take one for the team”, he took a life to save another. You said it yourself, life isn’t fair, and if we were to experience a perfect world with perfect bodies and a perfect existence, it’ll probably end up in chaos.

  19. Shadz:
    Watch the video and then tell me what you think 😉

  20. 7ader 🙂 when I come back, because I’m going out to run an errand. I’ll chit chat with you later.

  21. Wing:

    Since you do not believe in science, what do you say about showing you a grammer mistake that God has made when he wrote the Quran? 😀

  22. Alternate

    Nizar give us the link to that mistake, can you do that ?

  23. Zeina

    I wanted to comment on this post even before I started reading your blog regularly :P.
    To begin with, human body is not perfect nor it’s a bag full of shit and diseases! Israeli occupation to Palestine is solely for the resources but they (the israeli) had pulled a scam upon us and upon their own people! At the end I want to talk about the “fair” life we live, yes my dears it is fair. I shall explain each of these but before I wanna share you 2 jokes that came up to my mind upon reading this discussion.
    Once a guy was drowning and yelling for help! A fishing boat came by, the fishermen wanted to help him. He refused, saying that he believed in God, and God will help him. Then a yacht passed by, people on the yacht wanted to help him, he refused repeating the same words… Then the man died and went up to heaven. There, he asked God: “I believed in you, why u left me when I needed you the most.” God replied: “I sent you a fishing boat for help, you refused! A yacht, you refused! Were you waiting me to get into my swimsuit and dive?!

    Another guy bought a special car that no matter what u crashed in, it’ll automatically return as good as new, without a tiny scratch. That man wanted to test the car. He smashed the front glass, then a sound said: Ayatoha al sayyara erje3i kama konti! And it did. He crashed into lots of things, and every time the car returned new. Then he ran over a cliff, to test the car! Then the sound said: Ya ayatoha al nafs al motma2enna erji3i ela rabboki radiyatan mardeyya! *no offence to Quraan*

    Our bodies are designed to fight diseases, and fix abnormalities! Every cell, every tissue and every organ has its own repair system and a feedback system! These repair systems are able to fix cancer (in early stages) and get rid of other abnormalities. The toxic materials accumulating in the environment due to the industrial and chemical development “DONE BY HUMAN” weakens the body’s ability to fight. Those toxins exhaust our immunity system and thus exposing the body to further diseases. Our bodies are just like that car. They have a limit for endurance beyond which they collapse. As for the anatomy of our bodies well it was engineered for our best usage and there is some wisdom after each tiny detail. For example the woman’s (pubic arch) hips bones are wider than the those for the man so the baby can get through easily upon delivery. I can give many examples but then my comment will be very very long, and shadi would kill me :P.

    As for the Israeli occupation! Those abused their religion just as Christians and Muslims, unfortunately. Jews from all around Europe came to Palestine after WWII. Some smart jews saw that the land of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Iraq is a very vivid area with plenty of resources! They planned a scam to occupy this land. Starting to immigrate in low numbers to Palestine before WWII, living there understanding the whole community. Then upon WWII Jews were commanded to immigrate to Palestine. Most of them were reluctant to leave their lives, houses, jobs and all their memories to live between “Arabs”. So Jews in accordance with the Nazis created the holocaust to scare the hell out of the European Jews, thus they have no other option but to migrate east (this is documented). For clarification not the Christians in USA who are aiding Israel. As a matter of fact most of the persons having the top positions in the American government are Jews.
    But It’s a shame really that people highly educated and free thinkers such as ourselves and our peers can still believe that human’s war is for the sake of God. To believe in that, is just ridiculous. Religion – for me- can be divided into 2 parts. One that dictates how to deal with others, and that is the same in all religions. The other part is how do I show respect, appreciation, gratitude and love to God. That no one has to do with, and no one can dictate how I should show God my appreciation. Mostly cause I trust no man of God, I believe no tale but the holy books. The holy books can be understood differently since every word can hold many meanings! Then how can I trust a man of God who knows nothing about arabic language, for instant, to explain Quraan?!
    God do exist, God is fair and God is good!
    How life is fair? God made life fair but not similar, that is life is complementary not identical. Let’s take the distribution of resources in the world for an example. Gulf area is rich in petroleum and natural gas. Middle East is rich in water. Africa in rich in gold and diamonds. No land has it all, no nation has is all. This would make it necessary to interact thus communities would be built. As for famine in Africa well, God has nothing to do with that since naturally Africa has lots of resources! Greedy human used the undeveloped, uneducated people in Africa to get rich, to get his needs fulfilled. And he can’t care less if little kids got eaten by birds! God did help, God made that fact known for all people around the world, so many NGOs worked to help those who suffer there. But again that greedy human can’t tolerate the loss of his non-ending gold fountain so he aborted as many operations for those NGOs as he could. Not to mention that many of those operations are just a cover for weapon trading and diamond smuggling. Then by other words God had managed to make the sky in Africa to rain bread, but some people stole it, then use it to blackmail the poor people.
    You say the fortunate and the unfortunate, the healthy and the handicapped.. to consider the handicapped less fortunate that is vanity! To curse God, life and the rich for your bad luck is pathetic. We live our lives differently, we seek uniqueness and individuality, but we live a fair life in terms of the chances we are given! The lucky is he who is smart enough to seize the chance and work hard. The idiotis he who spends his life whining, cursing his fucking luck and watching the rich with envy. He will only ruin his life and the life of his family! He will be eaten by jealousy and only that is what he’ll leave to his kids.
    Get over it people! Life is fair, look for your own chances instead of looking at your friends’ with envy! As you seize your chances listen carefully to God maybe you have to bring some other person’s chance his way! That is why we are all born for a reason, we live our lives, we take decisions, and we meet others for a reason, then all these reasons come together in one point to complete our reason of birth. We fall in love, we laugh, we kiss, we make love, we watch sun rises then goes down, we watch a tree grows, a flower blossoms, butterflies running in an endless journey towards the sun… all for a reason, to learn and to enjoy. They say the devil is in the details, bullshit!! God and only God is in the details, since only there beauty exists.

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