Random thoughts of today..

I’m sorry if this post seems utterly pointless and full of crap, but I’m a little hung over, lol =P. Anyway, today’s random thoughts include a couple of shitty things from Jordan.

1. Nickname bil 7ara : 


  Other than the many strange family names found in Jordan, like “Mlo5iyeh”, “Sabane5” and “Abu 5eit”, teens nowadays have really weird nicknames for each other, especially those who hang out in “7ara gangs”. For example, I was walking home today and this 14 year old kid calls out to his friend from across the street and says “Walak abu el rab!”, basically his nickname means “Father of God”. I’ve heard lots of others like “5ashabe”, “allah”, “ketchup”. Teens nowadays watch too much bloody TV. There’s nothing more influential than the fucking media, it’s fucked up everybody, young or old.

2. Stupid fucked up facebook groups :


   So I go on facebook today and my cousin posted this picture for a guy called Yahya Sweiss, apparently he’s the new Jordanian dick that’s on Star Academy. When I saw that I was like “Ohh God, not another Qwaider”. I have no fucking clue why they make such a big deal over something so lame. He’s going to lose again, just like Qwaider, and then everyone’s going to mourn for a week. Get over yourselves! Who gives a rat’s ass about Star Academy, I can’t even believe it lasted 6 seasons!

[Link to the group]

3. People who don’t know how to argue anything.

debate2   I love debates. I love intelligent debates where people can talk about subjects they have different opinions on actually stir up a conversation. It’s a “conversation” which includes 2 sides, I talk, you listen and then apparently you don’t fucking reply. It gets on my fucking nerves! I can’t find a single person who I can finish up a controversial topic with and not have him say “Man, fuck you, I’m leaving” or “I don’t want to talk about it” or “If I start talking I’m going to hurt you”. I want to get hurt you bastard ! I started the fucking conversation ! Idiot ! Arghh !

That’s it for now, until the next time I’m either hung over or just plain pissed off =).



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11 responses to “Random thoughts of today..

  1. Hanan

    shadiii..shof meen b7ke:D
    you can’t find a single person who you can finish up a controversial topic with..tb ask urself y??

  2. I did, and the reason was that people are fucking idiots. Did you ask YOURSELF why ?

  3. Dee

    loooool 7anan sayereh 2om il dabshat lately..:p

  4. hanan

    wen el dabsheh bl mwdoo3 dee???
    o shadi..ya i did..o i found out tht msh people are idiots..YOU r..
    btw how can i change ths stupid pic:@

  5. Dee

    Hanan since we’re such idiotic people we’re going to leave you with this amazingly beautiful picture he3he3. 😀 Aslan we gave it to you cause it looks so much like you :p.

  6. He3 he3, Dee el shereera 😛 !

  7. To Shadz and Dee, you can also comment on how absurd we are in that if one flake of snow falls down from the highest cirrocumulus, and even if it’s melting all the way down (of course they’ll still consider it as a snow flake on the news :S ), it becomes official that all schools and teaching centres will be closed the next day, and the courses will be postponed. Now I don’t want you to have the impression that I’m a nerd, but for God’s sake, we’re not in Moscow. And even in Moscow, they continue their daily life in a normal manner even if it snows as if there’s no day after tomorrow!!!
    Oh and by the way, it’s “abu al-rub”. That’s also a common family name here, I mean, in Jordan!
    Ketchup with ya later!

  8. Dee

    Hmm Anonymous…welcome to our blog. About the snow yea we know this is not Moscow, but I guess u know how people who are born in cold places have more tolerance towards cold weather. Ya3ni in Moscow they celebrate when the sun shines the same way we celebrate when it snows, so I don’t think u should compare lol. Regarding abu al-rub we DO live in Jordan and we DO know that it’s a family name, and the thing being mentioned here is different and I assure you the family name ma 5aso bil mawdoo3. W akeed we’re not going to get the impression that you’re a nerd no, but since your not I think I should let you know that you can use watever email and website, or even no website while commenting :). You don’t need to use ours 😀

  9. Hahaha, that’s what one would call publicity!
    another thing, what you are trying to say is that in Moscow, when the sun shines, the minister of education decides that the next day shall be a holiday, fearing that if the students go to school, they might have skin rashes caused by exposure to the sun???
    You see where I’m getting into?? when people see snow, they treat it as aliens! They go: “Run for your lives, it’s loose”!! And after like 10 seconds you see the flash-news or news-flash whatever going like: “It’s LOOSE!” and then they spend the next day at home, with their kids making black snow-men (Because the snow is black here), living happily for one day!!! My point is that I don’t want to stay at home tomorrow, and I want to go to college 😦
    And right now, I want to go eat a couple of turkey sandwiches with some turkish coffee!!

  10. Dee

    Wait! why is there no uni tomorrow?? Where do you go to?! Ba3dain no i dont mean they get rashes lol bas they give them a day off to celebrate in the sun come on man!! Have a heart :p

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