It's raining depression.

1196248924io01qoI woke up at 6:30 am to the sound of the rain, which hasn’t stopped since yesterday morning. No, it’s not fun anymore. It’s literally pissing rain – no offence God – (my spell check wants me to write offence with an S. I’m writing it with a C, fucking stupid mac). Anyway, it’s pissing rain and the streets are covered with rain and I haven’t gone outside at all. I don’t even have juice in my fridge (something that’s utterly vital for the survival of a potato couch as myself). I couldn’t even take my girl out yesterday >_> and this rain thing is starting to annoy me. I’ve postponed taking driving lessons too.

I love the rain, but too much of anything turns sour sooner or later. Anything that stops me from getting my daily fix of sugar doesn’t deserve any love >_>. Would you please stop raining ! According to my weather widget on my iPhone, it’s going to continue raining for the next couple of days, and I’m going to go insane!

This post is completely bullshit >_> and I’m just so pissed off at the rain. So until it stops raining or I get in a better mood, I’ll take a rain-check on posting anything.





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8 responses to “It's raining depression.

  1. hehehe, what would you do if it starts snowing then?!

  2. Honestly, I’d make a snowman and place the carrot down South and call him “Ding Dong, the friendly snowman” :-P.

  3. Ghalia

    i agree i agree i agree!!!
    i was just telling my mum today that i cant wait for may!!! 😦

  4. You know, over here (Seattle) it rains for months on end. And you’re “pissed” off about a day?

    By the way, Offence = Offense. Although Offense is the “better” spelling. (Offensive not Offencive)

  5. 1. I don’t live in Seattle.
    2. I didn’t really ask you for suggestions on whether I should agree with my spell check or not, but thanks anyway for your useless information.

  6. Useless? Come on man, don’t I get to play Spelling Nazi for a day?!
    Sheesh, take a chill pill bro!

  7. Qwaider, 7abeebi, you can play “Spelling Nazi” when I make a spelling mistake, not when I purposefully wage war against my mac’s spell check :).
    I’m chill like the other side of my pillow 🙂 don’t you worry about me “bro”.

  8. Soomz

    OH MY GOD !! niyyalkom ana bedi rain kaman =S
    Shadz the AC is on right now -__-

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