Funny Item # 3

If you grew up in Jordan in the late 80s and in the 90s then you should be familiar with our funny item #3 :). It’s the infamous RAS IL 3ABED. Ras Il 3abed has been around for as long as i can remember really. I remember once school took us to the factory where it’s made and it was extremely dirty and shitty, or maybe that was a dream I truly don’t remember lol. That didn’t ruin the “Ras Il 3abed experience” for me though :-P.


Everything about it is just hilarious. Start with the packaging, I haven’t personaly seen anything packed the way Ras Il 3abed is. Then u open that thingy and out comes a brownish round thing with a flat bottom, ino ballahi ma its funny?! Now comes the interesting part, eating it :D. Hmm the chocolate shell thingy and the biscuit and the white cream stuff are a very nice combination and once u bite into it and the white stuff gets all over your face it becomes the funniest thing ever, and if someone is lookin at you with the white stuff on your face then YOU become the funniest thing ever :p.


What do you guys think of Ras Il 3abed? If you haven’t ever tried it then ra7 3alekom nos 3omerkom :-P, no I’m kidding, but you should try it. I think they should change it a bit though, like make different kinds and tastes, keef fi malion kitkat mathalan ino haik Ras Il 3abed 3a lemon, another one caramel, ishi strawberry he3. What do you think? 🙂



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20 responses to “Funny Item # 3

  1. Ghalia

    Ras El 3abed*
    there is no “abu” dina hehehe

  2. Yee Dina el 7mara is convinced ino ismo ras “abu” el 3abed.
    I’m confused, which one is it ?

  3. I the first time i had ras abu al3abed was 1965.

  4. Dee

    wow! Never knew it’s this old. But it tasted better when i ate it as a kid zaman hehe. And we seem to have a problem with the name some people call it Ras Il 3abed some Ras Abu Al3abed, am confused :s.

  5. Faris

    ras el 3abedddd
    wala zamannn 3ano o el esem el sa7 ras el 3abed;)

  6. Laith M

    I once shitted (or shat, is it?) and it looked like ras el 3abed. too much information..
    Anyway, I think they once changed its name in Lebanon ’cause they found it to be racist.. I don’t remember what the new name was.. but I know they did.

  7. Haha, that’s what I told Dee when she first showed me the picture of her holding it.
    Dude, find out the Lebanese name 🙂 we’ll make it official :-P.

  8. Faris

    hay shadi can you please post a rss fee to the website

  9. Posted up on the right :-), just click on the orange RSS graphic.
    I apologize to everyone for not posting it earlier, it totally slipped my mind!

  10. Hey, I tried this recently. It was the Sambo brand (absolutely as racist, but perhaps less obviously so in this part of the world). It was tasty, but had NO redeeming nutritional value. You guys are lucky you’re not my kids…

  11. Dee

    I think there’s only that brand hehe, but we call it Ras Al 3abed and not sambo or whatever :p. And when I usually have food on hand I concentrate more on eating it that on analyzing what’s on the package lol. Plus it’s not supposed to have any nutritional value, you have the wrong idea about sweets :p.

  12. LOL, I like them but I never buy them because I always have trouble eating them.. 😛

  13. Mido Thakeb

    Gotta try this someday! Good post Dee! 😉

  14. Abe

    btw there are loads of falvors min ras il 3abed bas i dnt think you get them in jordan, i tried them in Germany they make ras il 3abed bi cappuccino, marshmallow, strawberry, cinnamon, after eight, vanilla, chocolate, Caffé Latte, white chocolate ! fe aktar bas i can’t remember.

  15. Raye7 3a Germany yaba ow mish gayelna ?

  16. Abe

    la la ma iwsilit la germany !
    kan fe german fair bi leeds o they get these stuff mitil ras il 3abid, crepes, coffee beans in various flavors … etc.

  17. adnan shoter

    heheheh i like them
    dina and shadi luv u kteeeeeeeeeer

  18. If this is what I think it is, it’s the same you can buy everywhere in the German-speaking region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria.) And the interesting thing is, we also used to call it something borderline racist. Literally, it would mean “moor’s head” although moor is understood to mean a black African, not the Moor from the Maghreb. (Most kids don’t even know what a moor is, so they only really use the word for this sweet. So it’s not so bad.)
    Anyhoo, I’d be interested to hear what the Arabic name means, since I don’t speak the language, I’m a bit lost in this thread. 😉

  19. Hmm well yes this is what you think it is because what we call it in Arabic is also racist lol. It’s called Ras il Abed and the literal translation to that is “The head of the black man”.
    By the way this blog moved 🙂 so check it HERE.

  20. methgal

    hahahhahahahhahahah hahahahahah hahahahahah
    hahahahah hahahahaha hahahahaha
    hahahahh hahahhah hahahha
    ( this is by far the dumpest comment i know )
    hahahahahahah ras 3abed
    wallah enk rayga ya yameen

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