If I were *blank*..


The word “if” is a conjunction comprised of merely 2 letters, but it’s power is massive. I’ve had my fair share of if’s in my life, whether I’ve used it to dream or to wish I did something differently. If is a word of imagination, hopes and unfulfilled desires. If is a word of resent to actions taken differently, situations handled bearing outcomes you wish you can change, only “if” you had done it differently. Although I’ve said it a million times, I always believe that at the end of the day, it’s always a lesson learnt. We do not have the power to change the past, but “if” we learn from our mistakes, then we don’t have to repeat the if. Sometimes if’s are impossible to accomplish, and we sit and repeat our if’s over and over again to no avail.

“If I were *blank*” is the title to this post because I’ve always wished some things could work out differently. No, it’s not because I’m not satisfied with the way my life is, I love who I am, but what I mean by “things” is events in the world today, that I could change if I were someone else.

1. If I were God :

If you’re expecting something as cliche’ as “I would rid the world of famine and hunger” then guess again. If I were God I would leave the world as it is, with it’s disease, wars, poverty and pain. I would not change anything, because it is we who have turned our life into what it is today. We are responsible for the hole in the Ozone Layer that’s supposed to protect us. We are responsible for turning jealousy and greed into wars. We are responsible for what we believe in and the way we live our life today. The only thing I would do if I were God is come down to Earth.

2. If I were a powerful, rich Arab leader :

If I were a powerful, rich Arab leader, especially from the 5aleej, I would stop pissing my money away building 12 star hotels that burn down because of a $20 million fireworks display, and start using my money to benefit mankind. One day, those lovely gentleman are going to go back to living in a tent and suckling on camel teets. There’s a million things you can do with a million dollars, other than building yet ANOTHER hotel in the middle of nowhere. Go build a city for people who don’t have homes. Instead of aiding Gaza by sending medicine, go build them a fucking hospital! You can afford 10 hospitals!

3. If I were Superman :

If I were Superman, I’d fly my girlfriend on my back and take her to the clouds :-).

God, Superman is such a cheesy character isn’t he ? I bet 90% of guys would use his X-ray vision to peek at girl’s undies :-P. His super powers to fight evil maybe ? I’d take a bullet in the eye just for the fun of it, hahaha!

If, if, if. It’s always an if in this world. We’re standing around doing nothing with the big heads stacking up the money piles at home. We’re standing around being selfish and inconsiderate while all we care about is who builds the biggest tower or who has the best religion. It’s all just a bunch of bullshit propaganda that brainwashes this human race into following a path drawn by those people with the money. Money is power, money is everything. Money can buy you material things, money can buy you people, money can even buy you countries, but you cannot buy me with money. Me, as in myself and other people like me. People who don’t dive into the system like a child diving into the shallow end of the pool, you’ll get hurt ‘ey ?

If YOU were *blank*, who would you be ? What would you do ? Who would you help ? Who would you hurt ? Tell me anything.


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12 responses to “If I were *blank*..

  1. Mousa

    my great friend shadi ,i like ur writings ,but one of them hurts me , i do believe that u should never ever even imagine this “If I were God ” .

  2. Mousa, I think you misunderstood the idea of the post. It revolves around the word “If”. In our modern world, “If” statements usually don’t come true.

  3. Mousa

    I know shadi i know , bas u dont understand what i do mean !!!!

  4. You’re saying ino mamnoo3 afakar aw a7ki ino ana allah or ino I could be allah, sa7 ? I’m not doing that. When I say if, I’m simply asking for something that I want to happen, not to be God, but to meet Him.
    Same thing with the Arab leader, I want a change to happen.
    With Superman it’s something I want to be 😛 it’s my childhood dream.

  5. 7aZeM

    IF you could grow up shadi hehehe 😛

  6. If I were God, I would make it easier and clearer for my creation to distinguish what I want them to do from what other people claim that I want them to do.

    If I were a rich Arab, I would migrate to Sweden or USA and talk all the money with me.

    If I were superman, I would would go search for God.

  7. lol @ Superman, but you’re supposed to be your own characters >_> !

  8. But I don’t want to be anybody except myself ;(

  9. Yeah cause that’s working out for you, hahaha!

  10. Wonderfully said.

    And lol at the undies with superman thing, I forgot about that thought.
    Ahh… Good times in the 6th grade..

  11. Haha, good times when we were ignorant and had ZERO responsibilities… wish I could have just ONE day back from back then..just ONE, where I don’t have to worry about anything! Fuck uni.

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