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This might be a new fixture on our blog if you guys like it, me and shadz will be posting some links for various websites. The subjects will range from music to architecture to games maybe even food :). We already have a blogroll here with different links for very nice blogs we read so incase you haven’t checked any of them we’ll be posting some here as well, telling you a bit about the blogger so you go check them out. Balki they do the same for us and more people start reading us :p.

So for today I’m going to start with a nice website I go on whenever I’m in a particular mood and they sure help me out, either diving more into it or getting out hehe. It goes by the name of Musicovery :). 


Musicovery is an internet radio (so it streams songs and not downloads them), but no need for registration wohoo (cause I hate that whenever I want something I have to register to some site which I know I won’t be checking ever again), although if you do register you get better quality and some kind of profile to save your music and songs on so it knows what you prefer. The people behind Musicovery are simply genii (or geniuses hehe wait for my next post on this) :D. The entire idea of this internet radio is that it’s not like any other, you get to tell them what mood you’re in, energetic, positive, calm, dark, dance etc. You get to tell them which specific year or range of years you want to hear songs from, and you get to tell them what genres you prefer, from jazz to gospel to rock or funk. So you make a few clicks here and there, and VOILA, you get something that looks like a network of songs which go with your mood and all your specifications :). (If only there was a service like this for men :p hehe).

I personally think this is one hell of an idea, cause one thing that pisses me off about my ipod when it’s on shuffle is that for a while I think that this creature actually knows how I’m feeling and plays perfect songs for my mood, then out of nowhere some song comes up and fucks everything lol. So this is wayyyy better than any other radio I have seen, plus it introduces you to some nice artists/songs which you may not be familiar with :). How do you like that :D.

Don’t hesitate to ask for links and sites on particular interests or categories of your choice, we’ll do our best to be helpful :).


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5 responses to “Links : Music

  1. Its somehow similar to spotify, you have to try it, I have created an account for shadz and he has the program, if you want an account too I can fix you an invite too.

    the feature seem cool, i get quite tiered of listening to the same music the whole time but not bothered to search for new tracks, I will give it a try.

    The new iTunes and iPods have a similar feature were it creates playlists of similar music styles and genres but its all from your library.

  2. Spotify is really cool, but this thing is automated. Press the mood, and your songs will just stream. Downfall is that the songs have to actually stream, which sometimes takes time.
    Spotify is absolutely amazing because you can pick out whatever song you want and it doesn’t even take time to stream, it just plays the song. Downfall is that you have to make your own playlist and you can’t get to know new artists.
    iTunes has the Genius thing where it plays similar genre’s after one another, also a cool feature but again, no new artists.
    So in respect to music variety, Musicovery takes first place :). (Spotify still rules all)

  3. Dee

    Nizar yea I know Shadi told me, I’ll have him show it to me soon 🙂 thanks.

    Shadi how can one thing be in first place and another thing rule all at the same time?? lol :p.

  4. ghanma girl

    heloo guys.. nice website

  5. Thanks ghanma girl 🙂

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