Ahh, balashna.



Finally, just like we promised :), this is our new and improved blog. Same bloggers, same minds, same kolshi :P, only a new theme and a new name.

YAMEEN-SHMAL is our new blog. Based on the differences the govern the two sexes, you’ll see we share many opinions that sometimes don’t agree. We’re Shadz and Dee (now Shmal and Yameen respectively), and we hope you enjoy what you read.

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Welcome :).



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3 responses to “Ahh, balashna.

  1. This blog is going to be an internet hit 😀

    Stay unique and original!

    I wish you both the best.

  2. Thanks a million Nizar :), we appreciate the amazing support man!

  3. Merci Mr. Nizar 🙂

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