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I was going home the other day and the taxi driver had the radio on to “Mazaj FM” and Aziz Maraka was on with his hit song “Ya Bent El Nas”. This week’s song is for Aziz with another one of his amazing songs with his lovely band RAZZ. The title of the song is “Kteer 3adi” and it talks about a girl who forgets her boyfriend after many years of being together. The band makes great music and Aziz’s playing tops it off and turns this song into a beautiful one. Enjoy :).


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12 responses to “Song of the week

  1. I am a big fan of him, but to be honest, this song was really bad, really really bad, I mean what’s special about Aziz is that he is different and he has a very likable personality which kind of balances his not so great voice.

    But this song was quite bad to be honest, I mean imagine that he auditions to American idol with this performance, be honest and tell me, would they let him through to Hollywood?

  2. I’m glad you like his work 🙂

  3. Nizar : Yeah I agree with you on the American Idol part. To be honest, Aziz doesn’t really have the best voice around, but as you said, his personality makes up for it a lot. His music and especially with Razz in the background make him very like-able. This song might not be as great as “Ya bent el nas” but I like the lyrics :).

    Moey : Dee and I are big fans of his work and soon we’re going to be posting a little article about him with a bunch of his really good songs.

  4. Ali

    El oghneyyeh kteer 3adeyeh o motawaka3a 🙂
    lazem ghanna ana oghneyte kteeer 3adeyeh o el lyrics not as good, bas its ok, not all songs are always perfect…this one was aaih 3aadi

  5. Your RSS feed does not work

  6. Ali I already said that the song isn’t THAT good, but it’s Aziz Maraka, and we love him for his character mostly. Moreover, there’s no such thing as perfect songs, music that appeals to one person might seem garbage to another. Music is a matter of perspective.

  7. T

    ya bnt el nas rodi 3ly :p

  8. Ya a7la ma shafet 3inay 😀

  9. Wa emta ibyeeji il yoom ana wente imnetla2a imno23od ni7ki 🙂

  10. thanks, it works now 🙂

  11. You’re most welcome :).

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