Not again..

It’s not just any another Friday, it’s friday the 13th, AGAIN! It was cool the first time around but now it’s gotten old. Screw Friday the 13th, it has become officially un-cool. It’s 2:20 in ze morning and I can’t get myself to sleep. Had a pretty rough night and I’m in the phase of assesment. I have to be up at 8:30 because I got my 9th driving lesson. Yes everybody, my 9th !! I’m too cool for school, aren’t I ? Hehe :P.
Anyway my eyes are going hay-wire trying to type on my iPhone so I better get to sleeB!
Ooo ooo, speaking of iPhone’s, apparently that loser Bill Gates has banned any Jobbs-related items into his house including all iPods and iPhones. His kids want a cool iPhone, what’s wrong with that ? They want to listen to an iPod! What the fuck is a Zune anyway ?
Anyway, Shadz, out.


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2 responses to “Not again..

  1. The Joshinator

    im amazed how “people” have to take driving classes in order to recieve ur licenses.. thats cute.. how long did it take me to get mine.. well lets see.. theres that lil online booklet that i read online the night before i had to go take my driving test.. it was a written test.. multiple choice.. so i wake up.. go to the department of motor vehicles… wait in line.. they sit me infront of a tiny screen with buttons.. ask a question.. click the right one.. u pass u move on to the driving test.. they drive u around the block twice.. depending on how u do u get ur license.. now isnt that simple..?? enjoying ur “driving classes” =) dont crash buddy.. laters

  2. 1. What’s with the “Joshinator” ? Loser.
    2. Not all “people” have parents who give them a car at the age of 16.
    3. I AM enjoying my driving lessons 🙂 thank you.
    4. FINALLY, you comment on my blog.

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