Got life insurance ?

I saw a video a while ago, of a Palestinian guy, Samir Hazzan doing Parkour. My brother suggested I post it and mention him :p, so here you go 5zego, now you’re famous :p. To start off with something some of you might have seen before, Madonna’s video for her song JUMP.

These guys jumping around are amazing and I wonder how many bones they’ve broke before they got to this level of whatever it is that they do lol. Now if you check what this thing is called you’ll find 2 different things, one Parkour, the second Free Running. According to Wikipedia they are two different things, which I don’t understand, so if you have any knowledge on this thing please explain :).

What I understood was that Parkour and Free Running are not sports per se, but they are more or less a form of urban acrobatics in which participants perform movements to go from one place to the other as quickly as possible overcoming obstacles both in rural and urban areas.

Anyway this is the video of Samir Hazzan, I think the guy is great, he has some nice moves, and I’m proud to say he’s arab :D.

Share your thoughts :).


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5 responses to “Got life insurance ?

  1. I always found Parkour to be fascinating. I don’t have the guts to try it myself, but my partner said he used to do it.

  2. Hazm

    mbayeen adesh famous ….zero comments 😦

  3. from Arabs of 1948 probably, good. seen better in Kuwait 🙂

  4. These are probably one of the best I’ve seen online :
    They’re british, check ’em out.


    You should listen to some fast-paced heavy-rocking song while watching it.

    Adrenaline rush lol.

    That was like a jordanian version of prince of persia lol.

    But NICE!!

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