Jordan and it's taboos


The other day after my medical management exam, I was going home with 3 other friends in the car, when the guy who was driving gave me our university’s magazine (which had our King Abdullah II’s picture on the cover – celebrating his birthday) and asked me to check it out and read some articles aloud. I started flipping through the magazine and I couldn’t find anything interesting to read aloud ! Everything was either in arabic or messed up english, and the topics were bland and utterly undigestible!

Five minutes passed and I kept silent and my friend was like : “Dude! Read a fucking article already”. I got frustrated flipping the pages because I really couldn’t find something worth reading out loud. So I angrily replied  ” Ya zalameh el majale ZBALE !” and I put the magazine away. Suddenly the guys sitting in the back seat (who are native Jordanians from Saree7) looked at me strangely and were like : “Ya Shadi keef ibte7ki 3an el majale zbale, 3aleeha sooret el malek!”. I look back at the guy with one eyebrow up and I’m like “Huh ? What ? Sho 5as soret el malek bil majale ?”. He quickly ends the conversation and tells me he doesn’t want to discuss it.

Now I want to discuss it with everyone out there who reads my blog. What the flying fuck was he talking about ? So the magazine had our king as the front cover, that abolishes the criticism of the magazine as being garbage ? I’m sorry, but if everything that had the picture of the king was not meant to be criticized, then all the fucked up magazines out there would put a picture of the king on the font cover of every issue, and then if someone dares criticize the magazine as flawed, he’d report them in to the authorities.

It’s not just magazines, it’s everything! You’re not allowed to drop a coin on the floor because it has the picture of the king on it. I was walking down the street once and I was fiddling with a half-dinar coin, and it fell on the ground. These 2 bearded men stared at me and then approached me and were like : “Inte ibte3raf ino el nos lera eli waga3etha 3al ard 3aleeha soret el malek, ow heek 7arake mish mazboota ow bitheen el malek ?”. I was to shocked to even reply to them, and I just picked up the coin and walked away. Seriously, I know this country is very conservative regarding the king and we’re not supposed to say or do anything remotely close to offending his majesty but isn’t this taking things a little too far ? What’s next ? You’re not allowed to fold your paper bills into your wallet ?

Jordan and it’s weird ways, always entertaining 🙂 at least it makes good blog material.



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11 responses to “Jordan and it's taboos

  1. “What’s next ? You’re not allowed to fold your paper bills into your wallet ?”


    True it’s nice to have something to bitch about isn’t it.

    And weird thing is that it’s more acceptable to curse at “god” than the king.
    I always found that quite ironic.

    It’s about maintaining control over the people I think.
    Keep the fear.

    It is pretty sad that such a big deal is made out of stupid things coz people choose to take them literally and choose to not think a little deeper.
    Or maybe even the other way around.

    I mean of course we all know when you drop a coin you’re just looking to pick at authority figures, gosh.

    I wonder how many people will reply to this post 😛

  2. Come on man you know you shouldn’t drop a coin, if you insist then you should drop it on the side with the writing :p.
    Ba3dain bala fear bala batee5 real shit is going around the country and they’re never talked about or taken control of, they want to take control of the habit of calling a thing what it is, a stupid mag that is.
    And I’m wondering how many people will reply too, and what their opinion will be :).

  3. Saed: My next post is going to be about Jordan too 🙂 more bitching so keep checking back, haha.
    Dude, they say it’s supposed to be “God then The Nation then The King” but obviously somewhere along they got lost in that saying.
    Anyway, someone soon is probably going to hassle me about “censorship” but I don’t really give a fuck, I’m getting really pissed off at these meaningless taboos, it’s not even comprehensible anymore! Let’s just keep the coins in our pockets for now, and keep our dinars crisp :).

  4. Very interesting post. I agree with you, this is taking things a bit too far. Criticizing a magazine with the King’s picture is not criticizingthe King. Even if he’s a great fellow who has done great things for the country, magazines may place him on the cover and be poorly written with poorly articulated arguments and thoughts. It says nothing about him and everything about the editors and writers of the publication. Interesting that your friends would be so uptight about this. Although, I expect in the past it has had a lot to do with control… It does make for interesting blogging and at least for that reason, it’s nice that they spent the $ on publihing it, no?

  5. They should publish more crap like this so we can keep blogging :).

  6. Ahmed

    See, the majority of native Jordanians thinks that Jordan is the center of the world and KA is God.

    Please read this piece of shit and read the comments after:

  7. Ahmed nos el sha3eb nazel 7aki zay heek ow el nos el tani saket out of fear of such a situation as in the link you gave me.

  8. addy

    Guys don’t you thing that you’re taking it too far ??
    the whole thing that they saw that shadi is not from around y3ne la garawe wala badawe … y3ne different and we have a problem here in jordan ppl pick on everything that’s different either it was positive or negative ..
    come on i was born and raised in amman and am 21 years old and i’ve never ever been in a situation like this or even heard about it …
    i think jordanians have freedom to think and do whatever they want as long they don’t cross the limit of making problems … y3ne you can’t say that you don’t believe in god in public cause the muslims will make problems and you can’t say anything about the king in public cause then the kings lovers will kick your ass … and the problem in jordan that the majority are from these tow categories

  9. I’d hate to say that the difference between Amman and other places in jordan is huge, as much as you find people like this in Amman they exist in much larger numbers everywhere else, and we deal with stuff like this all the time here in Irbid.

  10. addy

    ok bs also i stayed in irbid for a while and it never happened to me … actually i had problems other than the thing you’re talking about … like the staring problem , you know everybody stares at you like you’re from Mars or something .. and the girls there have the biggest attitude problem , it’s weird … anything but that was 3ade …
    anyway 2sln i just think that these ppl want to assign them selfs as guardians of the ruling system to feel important although they’re worth shit … and i don’t think the king would care if you dropped the coin or not or talked about the his picture … in my opinion he and his wife are good ppl and i RESPECT them as individuals more than a king and a queen …

  11. Well yes we all have the staring problem lol, and e7em not all girls have an attitude problem. But about this kind of stuff yea it happens, if you hang with that crowd. The thing about it is that Irbed has people from all around the country, so you’ll find all kinds of people, the good, the bad, but mostly the ugly :).

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