Humam Ammari's suBarstar !

Exclusively on Yameen-Shmal (copyrights not included) we present the brand new awaited video of the one and only SUBAR STAR Humam Ammari.


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16 responses to “Humam Ammari's suBarstar !

  1. Hey my sister has this dude’s CD! I heard this before lol.

    “beit b3abdoon”

    Btw did anyone else feel that there’s a Bob Dylan infulence in his music?

  2. had ili 7fizto?? bait bi 3abdoun!

    lol :p.
    dabsheh I know, anyway hmm no no influence, only jordanian zana5a, maybe in the english songs yea :).

  3. Saed nezel a3’ani howa mish CD I think…
    anyway this guy is great, he does many wonderful covers.

  4. But but.. my sister has his CD 😦

    and I meant other songs and acoustic rythems, Dee.

    not acoustics, acoustic rythems, no architecture talk here XD

  5. yes no acoustics hehe, ba3dain mabye she put his songs on a CD, just maybe, cuz if she paid for it she’d be dumb :p.

  6. looool no he gave the CD to her.

    And she got it a month back or something soo..

    Wasleh 😛

  7. Eh, a month ago?! Loser! His songs have been out for a longggg time. Plus aslatan aslatan everyone in Amman knows the dude in person (including yours truly :p) so no biggie mister Saed! A55! 3alam! hehe

  8. walahi fadyeen ashgall a5ad ma3ahomm 8 tshhoor walllllll

  9. Shayef balla, mahoweh history in the making, and history needs some time, you know to become history, beh I know

  10. hahaha bas 8 months for this clipppppppp sho kano ysawroooo bas lessh el 7akii beda7ek :))))

  11. Oh, and I thought I was cool :\ lol

  12. Reality check Caed 🙂 you’re not.

  13. Hey shut it airwick! I am as cool as Antarctica bleeding to death!

  14. You’re as cool as an ice-cream on a BLAZING summer’s day : “I’m meltinggg…”

    Chad 1 – Caed 0.

  15. heheheh fayeg rayeg enta ya shadi

  16. Josh

    AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!! pissed myself laughing.. LMFAO.. good stuff! =)

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