Lock up your daughters : "Death by Lip Gloss"

” Abu Mohammed, led 3a bentak 7atta 7omra ow bitsolef ma3 Yousef, ibn el la7am “. I know it sounds a bit too “bab el 7ara” cliche’, but it works, no ? Abu Mohammed receives news from his neighbor that his daughter left the house to school dressed like a GIRL (clothes and lip gloss or what not) and said good morning to a BOY! Ohh God, the horror, the shame, bint el toot! Meanwhile, Mohammed is already at school, he left early to catch up on some studying with his “colleagues”. Mohammed gets to school early and meets Sarah next to the engineering block, and they sit under the trees away from sight. They return home at lunch time and before they get a chance to eat, Abu Mohammed asks to speak to Yasmeen in the privacy of her own room, and as pitches rise, Abu Mohammed delivers the first blow to the face. Yasmeen cries out for her mom, who dares not interfere in the business of her husband, the provider of the household. ” Goltelik 7arakat el sharm*** hay ta3et el 7omra wel 7aki ma3 shabab el 7ara ma bidi iyaha! Sho bido iygool 3ani Abu Yousef, ine dab shl*** 3andi bil beit! ” He says this as he delivers the second blow that produces a gash on her forehead that immediately bleeds. Mohammed runs into the room to see his father hovered over the innocent child, her hand applying pressure to the fresh wound. ” Eesh fi yaba ? Sho sayer ? “. His father replies after spitting on  Yasmeen, informing his son of the events of the day. He then makes it clear for Mohammed that it’s okay to beat at his sister’s already bruised face, and he does. The agonizing cries for help go unheard as Om Mohammed shuts her ears to mute the sound of her own flesh being beaten to death. Beaten to death…

The above story is, sadly, just another “honor killing” in our mighty Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan. I am sick and tired of hearing such inhumane stories broadcast and even applauded by some as acts to save our “honor”. When are we ever going to turn over the old dust-filled pages of what we call “tradition” and walk our country into the 21st century ? When are 19 year old girls going to stop being brutally killed because of lip gloss ? When are the voices of women going to be heard in Jordan ? According to the current rate of development in our country, it’ll be sometime after I am deceased.

“Honor Killings” is a topic that has spurred quite a buzz over the Jordanian blogosphere after the recent incident in Zarqa occured, and as I promised fellow blogger Kinzi, my voice as a blogger and man will be added to others who support and cry out for women’s rights to be considered.

Those people who commit honor crimes are the same people who I talked about, that think everything that has the picture of the king is considered holy. They are ignorant savages of which our country is full of. Passing a law to protect women’s rights in Jordan is like attempting to have clean elections, it’s impossible. There are too many corrupt people, in too high positions of power that just don’t give a shit as long as their Porsche Cayenne is clean and full of gas. “Men” of power, that sit by and watch as these crimes against women, crimes against humanity, are committed. Men whose sons are abusing the “honor” of other women as they defend their own, and when confronted about it are applauded and described as being “men”. Men who lived their lives with customs that forbade their sisters to speak to anyone other than family members. Customs that degraded women and took away their right to live and have a normal life. Customs that today make us the nation we are : developing and far from getting anywhere.

None of us are against brothers or fathers looking out for their daughters from other people. God knows we’ve seen our share of rape and sexual abuse going on in Jordan, and I am pro scolding those women who stray away from the rules that will keep them safe and out of harms way, but killing our sister because she had lip gloss on, when you were making out with someone else’s sister ? Someone else’s daughter ? Wila because you’re a guy then you’re excluded from respecting any honor if it doesn’t include your own ? But seriously, lip gloss ? Murdering her for talking to a boy ? What the fuck is going on ? Does anyone else feel like we’re living in a fucking jungle ? What are we, savages ? Jesus Christ, when is this shameful, degrading, pitiful, ignorant and ignominious way of life going to stop! When is “death by lip gloss” going to end ?



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15 responses to “Lock up your daughters : "Death by Lip Gloss"

  1. Shmal, that was an interesting and thought provoking narrative, to actually create the story. Thank you so much for adding your male voice to the chorus of sopranos.

    I think that Jesus Christ would ask the same question you did at the end. Tradition speaks of a woman caught in the act of adultery thrown before him. He asked them “Who among you shall cast the first stone?” The crowd melted away, and he asked her “Where are your accusers?” then he said “Go and sin no more”. An appropriate response to sin.

  2. Well the way you wrote that was pretty brutal :\

    It’s pretty sick how people do that.

    Jordan is full of sick bastards, then they go saying the west has no morals coz they “have no god”.

    Morals don’t have fists really.

    That is the sickest thing, just beating her like a sack of meat and the bitch mother just sits outside hearing her bloody screams.

    It just makes me shudder, it’s sick

  3. Kinzi : Amen to that :). I love Jesus Christ.
    I thought the best approach to the matter was through an anecdote and it seemed pretty darn good once I was done with it, but I see people have a hard time commenting on the issue, what’s up with that ? Every post that includes something controversial about Jordan ends up getting very low feedback, shows how much people care.

    Saed : It’s supposed to be presented in a brutal way because it’s a brutal issue that requires the death penalty on my account ! These sick bastards should be hung ! It’s disgusting and degrading to women everywhere. Thanks for caring dude, glad to know some people in Jordan have an opinion they can share openly.

  4. Biseera7a, Shmal, I have way fewer comments than usual for the number of reads, and even after challenging the blogosphere, after Qwaider and Observer, only you and Tha2ir responded. You latter two are even new bloggers. That means either not as many guys read my blog as I thought, or are too busy to respond or don’t care.

    That is very, very disturbing to me.

  5. It pissed me off a lot. I mean people comment 15 times on a funny post but would rather not get into an argument about Jordan. I’m beginning to think they really really don’t care.

  6. Jaar

    I while ago I read a book by Norm Frankenstein called the Holocaust Industry. I strongly recommend this book.

    The author explains the culture of profiteering from the misery of Jews who perished during the Nazi Holocaust. This profiteering comes in many flavors including economic as well as political. I will not compare the holocaust to honor killing for obvious reasons , but there are similarities when it comes to the culture of profiteering.

    It’s unfair to characterize everyone involved in the honor killing campaign as profiteering from the misery of Jordanian women, but it’s hard to discount the possibility that many are.

    The question that keeps haunting honor killing campaigns do lend credence to this industry argument. If the King is the man who makes the ultimate decision to abolish honor killing laws and since his father put these laws on the books, why do honor killing activists keep challenging their energies to “educate” a population that is politically impotent and in one survey after another shows an overwhelming majority in favor of abolishing honor killing laws? Then we have the scope of the honor killing phenomena. Less than 20 per year in a country of 5 million is not an indictment of a culture and value. This is of course tragic and must be stopped. However, more Jordanian women get killed crossing the road in Jordan each year than by honor killing. Yet the massive effort and money and time put into exposing honor killing practices and the wrong focus of the campaigns do raise interesting questions. It’s these contradictions that are hard to explain

    With much of the resources put into fighting honor killing laws originating from right wing American groups, and with the Jordanian monarch being seen as a very close ally of the US, the contradictions are a result of these groups trying to protect their man while targeting Arab culture.

    In my assessment, this is how it goes.

    Right wing American groups want to protect their man in Jordan, King Abdulla II, but would like to score points against Arabs culture and Islamic traditions for ideological reasons having to do with neoconservatives’ knee-jerk disgust with anything Arabic or Islamic. So they shape an honor killing campaign by deciding what to fund and whom to fund, in a manner that avoids mention of the only person in Jordan who is responsible for honor laws, the King, while keeping the energy focused on Arab values and traditions.

    I am of the mind that these groups don’t want to see an end to honor killing laws. That’s why they have never applied pressure on the King directly. Honor killing laws have become a useful effigy of the Arab world to burn again and again before world opinion. Sort of like what the Americans did to the Taliban before the invasion and the overthrow of the Taliban. Any observer of the situation of women in Afghanistan would tell you women there are not fairing much better under the American-installed regime. Yet, as the specter of Taliban victory looms, the same American right wing groups are becoming more and more visible again reminding us of the situation of women under Taliban. In the meanwhile, Obama mobilizes US forces for a possible all out confrontation with he Taliban.

    So what we have here is the the misuse of women suffering for political objectives.

    For that to succeeded, money is allocated. NGOs funded. Activists mobilized. And a whole industry is built up, the Honor Killing Industry.

  7. Jaar

    People care about Jordan. They just don’t think honor killing campaign is led by the right people and for the right reasons. the whole thing reeks with American neocon poop you need a nose plug to come near it. Then of course there is the #1 reason no one want to come close to it. Because they know the King is behind it.

  8. Say No To Tantaat

    You little hypocrite. You were complaining about the lack of interaction with this post. But i have posted a couple of comments and you did not approve them. I guess like most Jordanian Tantaat, you want a silly little conversation but your don’t dare have a real conversation about honor killing. At least delete your comment where you complain about lack of contributions to this topic. or admit you don’t have the ball to have a real discussion. Go run to mama now you silly Tant.

  9. I never got a comment from you, and I have never disapproved any comment from anyone on my blog, and I will never.
    Bil 3aks, I would love a little interaction from a macho man as yourself, so please re-send your comments so I can see what your macho ass has to throw my way.
    Thanks for calling me a Tant btw :).

  10. “Say No To Tantaat”, I found 2 comments filtered out as Spam by the Akismet plugin I have installed, and since there is nothing else on my blog other than that, I will assume those are your comments.
    Let me quote you here : “I am of the mind that these groups don’t want to see an end to honor killing laws. That’s why they have never applied pressure on the King directly.” I’m sorry but do you even live in Jordan ? Do you know what happens to anyone who dares defy the King’s words or laws ? I’m sorry but whatever you wrote might apply somewhere else in the world but not in Jordan. No matter how strong the cause we present, we can merely think of methods to get our words heard if even by the mere civilians.
    I agree with you that indeed, political profiteering is at hand here, yet we can do nothing about that. The whole Jordanian government is on itself a huge profiteering campaign whether it’s from the few honor killings or the more widely publicized campaigns that are involved in Jordan.
    It comes down to this, we can’t do a damn thing about it but blog and write letters to our local newspaper asking for a solution to this far-from-approachable matter.
    Please read my comment on a fellow bloggers post : http://kinziblogs.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/um-jordanian-blogger-men-hellloooo/#comments
    and then tell me whether I want to start a discussion or not.

  11. Whoa, Shmall, I was just copying the link and saw the comments, wooohooo!

    Happy Sha3aneeneh!

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  13. Happy Sha3neeneh to you too Kinzi 🙂 Easter is coming soon, wohooooo =D kids excited ?
    Coloring eggs and what not ?

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