*Squeeze me* – Another one :)

Hahahahahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing. These guys just make my day. Here’s the new Sprite commercial :). ENJOY !


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8 responses to “*Squeeze me* – Another one :)

  1. Nadi

    Ma fhemtha???!!

  2. NIDO! keef lama wa7ad y2olak ta3a 5odlak kafain, aw ta3al o2tolni, had lamooneh, fa lama to3soro 5alas mat lol, nafs il mabda2 :). wislat?

  3. Lol that’s funny

    But Yameen you just killed it right there.

  4. Hehehe, nice one.

    I just skimmed through your blog and it seems fun and unique, I know I will be coming back for more.

    Have a good one 🙂

  5. We’ll keep expecting you back with comments 🙂
    Right back atcha..enjoy 🙂

  6. Lol off topic… I just noticed a smiley at the bottom of the pages 😀

    It’s so cute! lol

  7. Saed the fact that your ignorant self has chosen to … OMG look a shiny quarter *drools*..

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