Yes, I hate architecture, now it’s official, I hate it min kol 2albi! (did anyone even notice that I was missing!! 3ama!! )  I was supposed to be done with this project now, and sleep maybe since I haven’t in quite a while :(. But NOOO!!..let us postpone that to next week, so all the people having problems with it can go completely cookoo! I am going crazy and losing my mind, quite sick of carrying that big bitch of a site around, quite sick of having 48 hour days, sick of looking out the window and seeing all the lights out and you’re the only person awake hooked on red bull trying to “BUILD/CREATE WHILE LOSING A FEW FINGERS AND ALL YOUR ENERGY” a huge ass site that I consider to be hard labor rather than architecture, screw this, mas5ara il wade3! We went to DAMs concert last week, I was supposed to blog about it today, but I’m really tired and there is no way that I can find my camera in this mess I call my dorm room right now, so I can post a video or a pic or something. Will be doing that once I get some sleeeeeeeeeeeep. In the meantime, all you bored people and hip hop lovers I command you ( yes  people, I command you ) to click here, and enjoy. I will be blogging about this soon as well inshalla. When it comes to arabic music, I live for Jordanian rock and Palestinian hip hop/ rap.  So really check the link, and tell me what you think :). Anywayyyy, I’m off to bed, notice it’s 9 pm hehe, nighty.


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9 responses to “YES, I DO!!

  1. Lol!!

    Yay architecture post!!!

    I don’t whine alone, and it’s been a while since I’ve bitched and cursed the gods and the bricks and all that crap.

    I’m staying up now to RESIZE A BUNCH OF DRAWINGS!! RESIZE, DEE!! RESIZE!! 😥

    Hopefully Ingo isn’t gonna have enough time to see everyone’s presentation and I’ll have more time and crap.

    Lol isma3i I had this HUGE model to do for a final, like a site and all, I worked on it for 2 weeks due to procrastination and had to do the drawings [technical btw] in 3 days.

    I was so exhausted and insane the next day [the day of the tasleem] I thought of going drunk and stuff.

    Btw no the model wasn’t 100% complete due to insufficient funds to buy damn steel stuff to show how the house is supposed to look like.

    But hey after a while I got my work posted on the uni website I’ll link it in a few.

    Oh and btw for 1 of the 2 weeks I was alone completely coz my family were out of the country and I spent it in my house just sitting around gluing, cursing and smoking.

    Hope it goes/went well with you.

    And I actually like architecture when you have enough initiative and energy to work and less stress.
    Concepts are fun :\

  2. Waaal, you really are mad 😛

    You know, at least your major is considered fun and exciting and believe me all the hard work will pay off eventually. So just chill and enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

  3. Sa3ed: Are you crazy??? You resize drawings by hand?? sho wain 3ayesh inta! fi i5tira3 ismo kaberha w shifha! 7mar! ba3dain write your life story! what did you eat during these 2 weeks :p la la bat5awat i welcome any bitching 3ashan ma a7is ini wa7eedeh hehe, ba3dain mish haik il tafa5or bas i will be waiting for you to post some of your stuff.. balki d7ikna shway, since we’re the best and you suck muwahahahaaaa

    Hala: Yes I’m very very mad, in both meanings (crazy and angry lol) I try to enjoy it but it’s kind of impossible when you don’t sleep for 2 weeks hehe.

  4. I cant find the link!! I swear someone showed it to me online before.

    And its 5am I just finished working on the stuff, and I do shiff and all that crap when i need to, but so much for wanting to do it really well, i ended up fixing stuff and shalfe2ing.

    Nevermind I found it, and it doesn’t show my full potential coz it’s a bit incomplete.

    Click to access design%20alhummod%20%5BCompatibility%20Mode%5D.pdf

    I guess that link is it 🙂

  5. my name is written as sad al tillawi btw, stupid hawiyyeh..

  6. and it looks dirty for some reason, >.> it was clean when i left it..

    … i should sleep lol

  7. Saed: you’re crazy, I’m still up (5.14), mister shmal promised he’d stay up with me, but he just slept while watching tv I guess, now I’m miserable all alone with Blink 182 and some jwane7 giving drink. Anywho being il 7ashoora that I am , I searched for your work, and found it, and saw the “SAD al tillawi” hehe you should be sad about that :p. well your model sucks, drawings look undone just like u said, bas bitla3 minak yala roo7 :p, one of the drawings the design looked very liquid but then the other stuff didn’t so mish kteer wade7 what you were going for. I know the Tara Bsharat girl btw, I’m guessing she’s the same one I’m talkin about. Il mohiz, kteer mit2ather bil mawdoo3 inta, mish salamto w 5alas, dirty mish dirty kolo wa7ad, il mohem you’re done with it :p.

  8. hmm i noticed smthn is wrong with the time cuz the times on the post dont match the times we said :s ‘3areeb! fi fare2 sa3a, tab3an taking into consideration ino u think it’s 5 when its actually 4:36! laish il 3aret! me go work now..ift!

  9. It was 5 but ur clock is wrong

    and I’m very good when I have time! fahmeh!

    bitla3 minni aal… 😛

    go work, I have some work to give in now

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