Happy Birthday to Yameen :)

It’s April the 7th and I’m back to blogging after a rough 2 weeks of non-stop studying. (Okay fine not non-stop but I was THIS close to developing an aneurism) Top news for tonight doesn’t revolve around my exam because I offically hate my university, and my exam sucked.


The TOP news for tonight is that it’s Yameen’s BIRTHDAY! 😀 Yes,  she has turned 20!  I want at least 20 comments on this post with 20 (different, for those who want to get smart) people wishing her the best birthday ever! She’s frustrated (as you saw with the post before this), again because of the same stupid fucking university we go to! Happy Birthday Yameen 🙂 hope you have the greatest day ever!

P.S. Any gifts will be expected to be sent in cash to my PayPal account, email me for details. (haha! :P)


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23 responses to “Happy Birthday to Yameen :)

  1. Abe

    Kol 3am o inti ib alf 5air ya dodo, 3aba2l il 100 sane ya rab. Enjoy ur B-day to the MAX!

  2. Ayman Talaat Matar


  3. Josh The Mexican

    im the first..!!!!! =D
    20 years ago.. this lil creature of a thing was brought into this world with one purpose.. search and destroy.. =P she has done so by her ever so gentle yelling and keen sense of annoying people… but today.. as she hits the big 2 0.. she is looked upon as a very intellectual, and amazingly beautiful being known to man.. so i hope that for all those who are sitting on their fat asses writing up a comment to wish her a happy birthday… have a fond and loving memory of her while doing so.. =)
    ❤ ❤ xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Yameen okbalak shmal! 🙂
    20? wow! I feel like a dinosaur!

  5. yameen hope you have a happy wappy frappy dappy jappy but not so crappy birthday.
    And hope 20 is funtastic for you as it was for me =D
    yes my lameness is a disease and also it might be contagous


  7. Happy Birthday 😀

    I hope you have a blast.

  8. Abdullah Al Omari

    HappY Bday yameen and wish ya a great year 🙂

  9. Aww happy birthday!! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Happy happy birthday, Ya Yameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

    From the only reader of your blog old enough to be your GRANDMOTHER!!!! (Going by the fact that some women do have their first child by 16 in Jordan 😉

    May the Lord crown your year with His goodness, and give you the desires of your heart.

  11. Abe: ow3a tidfa3 6 2roosh tib3atli msg ah! 3aib ok! :p

    Ayman: Thanks 🙂

    Joshy: AWWWW I think this is the best thing anyone has said to me today :D…i love youuuuuuu mpwa mpwa
    and ur not first silly, the comments above you weren’t accepted yet when u commented lol.

    Qwaider: Thanks Qwaider 🙂 yup 20..sucks so far lol.

    Suha: Thanks Suha, I hope the rest won’t be so crappy lol the first half was nos nos incase you’re wondering (see some people are just as lame (I don’t mean you are :p ))

    Farah, Hala, Abdulla, sa3ed: Thanks you guys 😀

    Kinzi: What grandmother!! NO NOOO :p hehe, come on you’re way cooler than my grandmother ;). Thank you for your wishes, very sweet of you 🙂

  12. Mido

    hope u had fun w 3obal el meet sana! =)

  13. Oh sure you just throw me in with a bunch of other people!

    you’re wlecome 😛 hope u had fun

  14. Happy birthday yameen 😉

  15. Mido: merci ya 3am, dana mishta2alak 2awi 2awi. ib2a 2is2al 3anina ya 3am :p

    Saed: come on man i replied to all the people who only said happy birthday ma3 ba3ad, masheeha, next time if you want an individual reply then say something :p he3.

  16. Nizar: Thanks man, I’m a bit late but Happy Birthday to you too. Hope you had fun at your party and even more fun cleaning up :p.

  17. I already did MUAHAHAH

  18. Anonymous

    Hey there Yameen and Shmal.. I’ve just read the post and I figured that I should send my greetings to miss Yameen as she got one year closer to death (the very special birthday special expression), hehe kiddin’!! Now don’t take that seriously, look at what happened to that Jeehan girl, I didn’t think that she would jump off the building just because of some few words concerning death!! I didn’t even know that it was her birthday 😛
    Ok back to our subject, since there were 19 posts already, I didn’t want to turn mr. Shmal down, so I wanted to write the 20th comment!!!
    Happy Birthday miss Yameen, and I hope that you enjoyed every single moment of it with your beloved ones 🙂
    And welcome to the You’re-Not-A-Teen-Anymore Club 😀

  19. To Anonymous : Thanks a lot, didn’t enjoy it much, don’t ask why lol. About the girl, what death??! hehe Her parents wouldn’t let her marry the guy she wanted to marry so she wanted to A. Jump. Or B. Have them let her marry the guy. No death anywhere in the story. il mohiz, I’m joining the club, and it better be better than the one I just left. 🙂

  20. Joyeux Anniversaire! thats Happy Birthday in french!

    … better late than never

  21. Merci 🙂 je parle francais…a little bit lol

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