Funny item #5

I’m sure anyone who lives or has visited our wonderful Hashemite Kingdom has seen something similar to our 5th funny item, but I’m pretty sure this is first time someone sees our funny item #5. You know how you’re walking down the street in an old neighborhood and you look up at over-hanging electric wires and you see a pair of shoes dangling on both sides of the wire. Well, Yameen and I were walking down Share3 Al Jam3a in Irbid the other day and saw a somewhat unusual twist to the “shoes-over-wire” thing.

Share3 Al Jam3a in Irbid has been in the Gunniess Book Of World Records for the most Internet Cafes in one street. [Couldn’t find a link or info about it except here]. FYI, we’re damn proud of that! So here’s our funny item #5, a mouse over electric wires :D!




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9 responses to “Funny item #5

  1. aha ok sa3ed zay ma bidak! lol sho win bil zabt ya3ni?? wage3! :p

  2. loool it’s a mouse on a wire!! XD

  3. I mean how the FUCK did they do thaT?!


  4. Mouse on a wire WIN hahaha, good one Saed.
    Don’t fucking ask me man :S we have a tarzan wannabe here in Share3 El Jam3a haha :p

  5. LOL!!

    btw it doesn’t look like a mouse, i mean when i first saw the pic i was like GOD! is this a kind of UFO, donnow keef i guess my WIDE imagination is to be blamed

    anyhow, a mouse is much better than a shoes!

  6. Lol man look at it closer, they abused the thing, looks like someone was getting his ass kicked XD

    It was hanged lool


  7. methgal

    hahahahah guys where was this i wana go see it

  8. Methgal this thing was in front of Area, if my memory serves me correctly. Go check it out :D.

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