Ibrahim Baggili : A promising talent

A couple of weeks back we got an email from a guy called Ibrahim Baggili complimenting our blog and asking me if we could feature his video on it, so we decided to dedicate a whole post to Ibrahim and his lovely video. Before we actually feature the video, here’s a little on Ibrahim, a promising Jordanian talent 🙂 :

Ibrahim is a Jordanian currently living in the USA completing his PhD in Cyber Forensics (Sounds cool, no ? Find out more about what Ibrahim is studying here).  He has loved music since childhood and has made many songs starting off with parody and comedic type songs and he ended up pursuing music on a more serious level the past couple of years. Although Jordanian, he only stayed here for 3 years, since he spent most of his lifetime in Abu Dhabi, but that didn’t stop him from connecting to his original roots with the help of his Salti father, who instilled the “Jordanianness” in him.

Ibrahim’s video was directed and produced by his sister – Mouna Moussa – a Jordanian actor (no it’s not actress, it’s actor! ) who also stars in the video alongside Ibrahim. The video is supposed to break the mold of what songs about Jordan entail and Ibrahim portrayed, in a subtle comedic manner, a simple love story for his beloved country, Jordan :). It has been shown on TV on “Seven Stars” and I hope we can get his video out to a greater audience because we believe it’s an extremely nice song that truly shows the feeling of missing one’s home. Ibrahim really captured his love for Jordan and both the music and lyrics are lovely :).

If you enjoyed this song, please visit Ibrahim Baggili here, and enjoy more of his great work. I hope that everyone who liked this video support Ibrahim, he sounds really promising.

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One response to “Ibrahim Baggili : A promising talent

  1. AbdulRahman

    wonderful work
    new style and beautiful effort
    hoping you all the best and the brightest future

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