I miss

Living in Jordan has it’s ups and downs, and lately for me it’s been more down than up. Sitting in my bed right after my 26th driving lesson (mishan allah 5alas bikafi lessons I want my damn license!), I was just thinking of all the different things I miss whether it’s from a younger age or from my present life. Here are some of the things I really quite miss :

  • I miss being a kid, responsible free.
  • I miss mom, and the warmth she used to bring.
  • I miss high school.
  • I miss Jordan, or how it used to be.
  • I miss Yameen :(.
  • I miss my older brother Abe, and how his laughter used to fill the house and the streets. (Yes, he was THAT loud).
  • I miss my friends, my real friends. Mostly my best friend Joshua and his stinky farts and loud burps and embarrassing situations he used to put us in.
  • I miss playing the guitar and learning new songs on it.
  • I miss running with my iPod for hours on end.
  • I miss Cotton Candy.
  • I miss stealing money from my parents.
  • I miss studying for the knowledge and not just to pass an insignificant test.
  • I miss playing basketball every single day.
  • I miss my 5 hour late night phone calls with her.
  • I miss drawing stuff.
  • I miss not being miserable all the time.
  • I miss not fighting with everyone and everything.
  • I miss being Shadi.


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8 responses to “I miss

  1. I get what you mean, forget the fighting part I’m a peaceful goat. But yeah, I miss my friend who burped and farted the whole time and made noises and with whom I used to pig out. And I miss back when we were kids and money wasn’t so much of a big deal as much as playing a good ol’ game of hide and seek then playing with firecrackers.

    And back when love was something, and video games gave you some room for imagination rather than being marketing plans and tools.

    Back when music had that good feel.

    Back when things were more inspiring and used to actually get me to wanna draw.

    I miss that feeling from good music.

    I’m gonna go post something.

    I miss being shadi too 😛

  2. I miss eating baby food.
    I miss smelling glue in art class.
    I miss destroying private property.
    I miss ringing the door bell on my annoying Australian neighbour and running away, hahaha!
    The good ol’ times =P.

  3. Ugh I have to write this again lol, damn backspace.
    I was saying that I miss being a dumb kid, and I miss my home, I miss feeling secure. I miss way too many things but we live and move on.

  4. shmal, am green with envious!! first cause you’re taking driving lessons, secondly cz i dont remember ever being nonchalant and feel sorry about that

    however i’ve dozens of childhood memories, ones i’ll always cherish and this post revived some,,, nice post!

  5. Suha : People do live and move on but I don’t want to move on and I probably never will. I will always have that sense of a child inside of me and will always attempt crazy stunts that remind me and should remind every one of us that we ALL should get in touch with the little kid inside of us :).

    Rhythm : Wait till I post about getting my car (which should arrive this summer) and then be envious :D.

  6. Mido

    Haha nice post.

  7. M

    I miss not knowing things. I miss being a child. I miss my parents not sharing adult things with me. I miss being the lost girl who knew nothing (to most people), the girl who most people thought was naive and oh-so-innocent. I miss having strict rules from my parents about NOT EATING CHOCOLATE BEFORE LUNCH. I miss me.
    What I don’t miss, on the other hand, is being a whiny 17-year-old who has nothing better to do all day than read random blogs. *Sigh*

  8. I miss having lovely comments on my I’m-too-busy-working-to-post-anything-on blog 🙂

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