2 little things :)

First, so that’s #1, I want to apologize for the previous post but I really was somewhere near rock bottom. For those who got offended (I know 1 5alto who really did and I’m sorry), I send my apologies and only explain my previous post by : “Shit happens”.


Secondly, that’s #2, I got a good laugh just a few minutes ago from my “Search Engine Terms” list. Apparently some guy person (yes I said person because I don’t want to be sexist – perverted girls exist too you know, we should give them a fair share) googled ” sex shmal ass ” and found our blog. Hahaha! Right when I’m struggling trying to study for next week’s CNS exam I get the best laugh in a week :). Life’s good.

* No electronics company (LG) was advertised during the writing of this post *

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One response to “2 little things :)

  1. I’m glad you are better! I prayed for you :). I wasn’t offended (although I do HATE that word), but didn’t comment as it didn’t seem like a sunny ‘cheer-up’ was what you needed and I was in a sunny mood. there is a proverb about how awful it is for a hurting heart to have merry songs sung to it.

    I get sick with some of the pervy google searches that find my site. I have a regular reader from a porn place about Arab girls. I’m learning how to choose titles better.

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