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Warning : The following post contains graphic content. Blogger discretion is advised.

I haven’t signed in to my Facebook account in so long, I probably don’t know how to use it anymore. Other than rubbish replacement for an interface there’s this new trend of Facebook quizzes. My home page is infested with people taking “How well do you know me” quizzes. I remember the first time Facebook had the quizzes they were just a one time thing and you had to put in a few questions about yourself and it was fun while it lasted. But now you can put all sorts of shit into your quiz and all that garbage. Anyway, that’s not what bothered me at all, I don’t really mind people taking each other’s quizzes for kicks just to see how much each person will score on it, but what disturbed me a few minutes ago was this :


The guy took a “How big ARE you?” quiz to see what Facebook would tell him about the size of his wiener. I wonder if he felt bad when it told him he didn’t surprise the ladies. Hahaha! The funny shit that people do, especially on Facebook.

Later today I’m going to take that quiz and find out what questions it asks, hahahaha! I’ll update the post later on today =P I’m going to hang out with Yameen now.

Toodles for now :).



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