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Warning : The following post contains graphic content. Blogger discretion is advised.

I haven’t signed in to my Facebook account in so long, I probably don’t know how to use it anymore. Other than rubbish replacement for an interface there’s this new trend of Facebook quizzes. My home page is infested with people taking “How well do you know me” quizzes. I remember the first time Facebook had the quizzes they were just a one time thing and you had to put in a few questions about yourself and it was fun while it lasted. But now you can put all sorts of shit into your quiz and all that garbage. Anyway, that’s not what bothered me at all, I don’t really mind people taking each other’s quizzes for kicks just to see how much each person will score on it, but what disturbed me a few minutes ago was this :


The guy took a “How big ARE you?” quiz to see what Facebook would tell him about the size of his wiener. I wonder if he felt bad when it told him he didn’t surprise the ladies. Hahaha! The funny shit that people do, especially on Facebook.

Later today I’m going to take that quiz and find out what questions it asks, hahahaha! I’ll update the post later on today =P I’m going to hang out with Yameen now.

Toodles for now :).


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[BAPD] : Yameen

       Yameen apologizes for not being able to post something today [BAPD], as she hasn’t been in a good state for a while now (hope she gets back on her feet real soon). She promises to blog about Palestine soon, as blogging about Palestine to her should happen all year long and not just today.


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[BAPD] : Ana Falasteeni


BAPD – Blog About Palestine Day

          Instead of writing a whole paragraph explaining my contribution to the Jordanian blogosphere on BAPD, I will let the rest of my lines speak for them self. I hope my contribution was worthwhile. Awaiting everyone’s feedback on it. Long live Palestine.


” Ana Falasteeni “

Guns, tanks, bombs and planes

They all may break our bones

Kill every man, woman and child

We stand, we stand alone

Zionists came, zionists saw

Conquered us, they did not

Our nation they divided

With a wall they put up


With God upon our right flank

Our hearts upon the left

Those cowards with their guns

Body armor thick and black

We have stood tall

We always will

No zionist can ever kill

Our soul, our cause

Our right to live

It’s our land

We will prevail


For sixty years we’ve resisted

Sixty years of blood

48, 67 and again in 08

Our towns returned to dust

Our olive trees de-rooted

Our heritage shriveled up

For sixty years we fought

With leaders standing abroad

Watching as our fellow Arabs

Refuse to end the brawl


Stand up, be heard

Be seen, spread the word

Palestine’s on every map

Surrounded on every crest

By Arab land, by Arab people

Arab people

My people

Your people

Our people 

The holy land belongs to us


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An old note

I was going through my documents on my laptop the other day and I found something I wrote on the 14th of January this year, a while after the attack on Gaza occurred. Since it’s almost BAPD, I’m going to share it with you guys and hopefully on the 15th I’ll write an even stronger one.

You think you know ?

       Life at 8 am today ceased to exist to me, and now it’s 3 in the afternoon, and it seems all is going well. I woke up today and found out that my landlord had called the repair man to fix the electric cables in our building, and to do that he cut off the electricity to the whole building. It was freezing cold at 8, and I couldn’t even bother to go ask the “7ares”, what had happened. So basically, I had no heating, no hot water, no microwave, no stove ( actually I just realized I could have made a cup of tea but I’ve never boiled water on the stove, I always use that water heater), no INTERNET and ohh, God forbid, no TV ! (For anyone who thinks I’m obsessed with TV that last statement was sarcastic.)
we WILL prevail
       Anyway so I just got my power back a few minutes ago, and I just realized that I’ve been sitting down doing nothing at all for the past 7 hours ! Now I ask each and every one of you, you think you know ? You think you know what people in Gaza are feeling ? How they’re living ? You think they have heating or lights or a microwave ! You think they even give a shit that I’m writing this note, or that everyone on facebook is updating their status, depressingly showing us that more people are dying everyday. You think going on strike, or donating a few dinars is going to help that little child stuck under a rock, hovering over his mom’s dead body waiting for her to wake up ? Do you think you know what it’s like living in a land that’s being stolen from you, right under your own two feet ! A land that belonged to YOU in the first place ! Do you think you know ?
          If you want to be supportive and “mo6adamen”, go sit outside in the freezing cold with barely trousers and a t-shirt on. Go on for 19 days without electricity, running water or a place to take a shit. Go on, I fucking dare you to try it ! I dare you to try and live 10% of the life a child from Gaza is going through. You have no fucking idea ! No one has any fucking idea what those children are going through. Imagine standing in-front of a 200 ton tank and throwing a rock at it.
           No one knows because 75% of people here got interested in Gaza on December the 27th. This war has been going on for 60 years people ! Since most of you guys on Facebook weren’t even born (me included). And suddenly the new generation has had a sudden interest in the war on Gaza, where half of them don’t even know where it lies.
           People die every day, true. They die of famine, they die of disease, they die of hunger. But children in Gaza are MURDERED! Cold blooded murder by a nation that forced their way in on us and stole our land, murdered our women and childern, and destroyed our homes. Go donate your food and money to people in Africa, yeah they can use it ! The US throw away food that can feed half of India ! That’s 600K people ! People in Gaza are being shot to death, blown to pieces, shocked to death.
           I sat around and did nothing because I had no electricity. Now each person changing their status to the number of people in Gaza, stop and go read some news. Go watch a video. Go cry a little. Go shout and fight and scream !
Why should Gazans die, Why ! What the fuck is happening to the world, when we all sit back and watch as innocent people die every single day and are dying at this very moment.
God Bless Palestinians and all those that fight for it.
We WILL PREVAIL ! We WILL stand tall ! We will FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT !

Now do you think you know ?

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Song of the week

It’s been so long since we’ve posted a song of the week, heck, it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything at all. Stress, exams, studying, fighting and all that crap has been hovering over our lives and it’s about time we blogged again. The song I chose is a classic, it’s for Opeth and it’s called Benighted. I doubt there are many people that know this song but it’s one of my favorites for Opeth. I’ve been struggling with learning it on the guitar, I just can’t seem to get the finger picking to work! Argh! (If anyone knows how to play it please email me :D)


Anyway, here’s the song from a youtube video. [ I couldn’t be bothered to upload the mp3 file because my internet is WAY past it’s limit and it’s killing me. ]

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Top 14 taboos of Irbid

I was sleeping over at my friend’s house yesterday and we were watching Russell Peters and we got into the comedic mood and started listing stuff that annoy us to death about Irbid and it’s magnificent people :). Here’s 14 things we came up with that we WISH we can ban forever : 


  • Walking around with shitty music on your cell, it’s NOT cool.
  • Buying normal jeans and then tailoring them to SKINNY FIT your ass is NOT COOL.
  • Buying a KIA Sephia and souping it with a plastic spoiler and rubber bumpers doesn’t make the car look any better, it’s a piece of SHIT (No, adding the crappy bassed “Z-Plod” doesn’t attract ANY attention whatsoever). 
  • Waxing your hair and looking like a rooster and not showering for 3 days won’t get you girls, it’ll get you flies :).
  • Commenting on every person who walks in front of you makes you more of an ASS !
  • Texas “Abu Booz” shoes – Where the fuck ?! Who the fuck made this shit ?! The only way you can wear that shit is if you own a horse, other than that, buy a pair of converse ! They’re NOT expensive!
  • Lying on the grass in the shade of a sperm-smelling tree and taking off your shoes while drinking a juice box, umm, okay, yeah.
  • Pink or yellow high heels that match your belt, shirt, Hijab and purse does not make you chic, it doesn’t even make you a chick !
  • Playing 3 chords on a “Yamaba” (*cough* that’s the alternate to a Yamaha here * cough* ) in front of the Cafeteria won’t make you popular :).
  • Girls who wear mini skirts and then cover up with leggings ! “Ow ibte3mal 7alha shareefit makke! Imsatara a2l =P”
  • Girls who wear a skirt over jeans ! What’s the fucking point ? You can’t wear a short skirt, DON’T wear it at all !!
  • The buses at the mojama3 have HUGE signs clearly showing where the bus is headed, why do they scream the destination ?! “Jay Irbid! Jay Amman!! Jay Jay !!”
  • If people hear you using a non-arabic dialect, they all go : “Eh! Mino hath ?! Jaay min amrechia ? Omo ajnabeye ?”
  • These songs are NOT cool : “My heart will go on” and “No promises”. STOP fucking repeating them ! Mishan allah !!

Please contribute more taboos in the box called a “comment box” below :). Cheers to all.


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سلم على جيش الدفاع فانه يهدده شال وثوب مطرز

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