Top 14 taboos of Irbid

I was sleeping over at my friend’s house yesterday and we were watching Russell Peters and we got into the comedic mood and started listing stuff that annoy us to death about Irbid and it’s magnificent people :). Here’s 14 things we came up with that we WISH we can ban forever : 


  • Walking around with shitty music on your cell, it’s NOT cool.
  • Buying normal jeans and then tailoring them to SKINNY FIT your ass is NOT COOL.
  • Buying a KIA Sephia and souping it with a plastic spoiler and rubber bumpers doesn’t make the car look any better, it’s a piece of SHIT (No, adding the crappy bassed “Z-Plod” doesn’t attract ANY attention whatsoever). 
  • Waxing your hair and looking like a rooster and not showering for 3 days won’t get you girls, it’ll get you flies :).
  • Commenting on every person who walks in front of you makes you more of an ASS !
  • Texas “Abu Booz” shoes – Where the fuck ?! Who the fuck made this shit ?! The only way you can wear that shit is if you own a horse, other than that, buy a pair of converse ! They’re NOT expensive!
  • Lying on the grass in the shade of a sperm-smelling tree and taking off your shoes while drinking a juice box, umm, okay, yeah.
  • Pink or yellow high heels that match your belt, shirt, Hijab and purse does not make you chic, it doesn’t even make you a chick !
  • Playing 3 chords on a “Yamaba” (*cough* that’s the alternate to a Yamaha here * cough* ) in front of the Cafeteria won’t make you popular :).
  • Girls who wear mini skirts and then cover up with leggings ! “Ow ibte3mal 7alha shareefit makke! Imsatara a2l =P”
  • Girls who wear a skirt over jeans ! What’s the fucking point ? You can’t wear a short skirt, DON’T wear it at all !!
  • The buses at the mojama3 have HUGE signs clearly showing where the bus is headed, why do they scream the destination ?! “Jay Irbid! Jay Amman!! Jay Jay !!”
  • If people hear you using a non-arabic dialect, they all go : “Eh! Mino hath ?! Jaay min amrechia ? Omo ajnabeye ?”
  • These songs are NOT cool : “My heart will go on” and “No promises”. STOP fucking repeating them ! Mishan allah !!

Please contribute more taboos in the box called a “comment box” below :). Cheers to all.


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7 responses to “Top 14 taboos of Irbid

  1. Methgal

    this is the 3rd time i read this post and i cant stop laughing … and what makes it more funny evrytime is that its real .. u go out there and u see these suff u laugh ur lungs out ,,, and there so much more

  2. hadi shamaileh

    the way they go crazy at anything related to the western culture (and i mean ANYTHING). oh wait…. amman people do that too!

  3. Fatoom

    Nice topic shmal 🙂
    ‘If people hear you using a non-arabic dialect, they all go :Eh! Mino hath ?! Jaay min amrechia ? Omo ajnabeye ?’
    *thats really SO TRUE everywhere 7ta lao omo mo ajnabeye akeed jado il 60 ajnaby :p
    …and for the last point,“My heart will go on” and “No promises” aint cool !!!!! come on :S wallahi jay 3abali ism3hom :p
    oo nice blog, keep it up =)

  4. Wearing a skirt over jeans is actually a little thing people suffering from jeanitis did, which turned into a trend.

    They have jeans-cells growing on their body such that it stretches down the legs and therefore, wearing a skirt became a style.

    This also contributed to the phrase “7abeeb galbi you got me skirt over jeans for you”

    Lol Man “my heart will go on” is one of those undying songs of romance in jordan.
    10 years from now people are still gonna listen to it and remember the times of “Teetaneek”.

    lol omo ajnabeye or “maalo haath franji?”

    lol yamaba, yamama, and “yo mama” are very good jordaniana guitars, please man.
    And whats wrong with three chords? look at the jonas brothers 😀

    okay zanna5at, no? 😛

    Oh well thought I’d drop by and say hey.

  5. LOL man you noticed a tree that smells like sperm too? hahah

    Okay I thought it was just me but it really does smell like that doesn’t it?
    Maybe babies do grow on trees.

  6. Methgal : If you think of any more stuff, email them and I’ll update this post for you :P.
    Hadi : True, but to a lesser extent in Amman man. Like hugging for instance, that’s a forbidden gesture in Irbid but widely accepted in Amman.
    Fatoom : If you want to hear those songs please use a headset. It’s much more annoying when it’s constantly put on repeat at your local cafe.
    Saed : lmfao @ the Jonas brothers and “teetanek” and then beh at everything else =P. My first year at university had me passing under the “sperm tree” every single day, ahh, the good times :D. Ow hey yourself :).

  7. M

    Oh, come on!
    *Quite dignified* This does not only happen in the great city of Irbid, and am not only saying that because it’s my home town. *cough*

    That being said, HAHAHAHA. Thumbs up man, ‘specially about the skirts over jeans thing.
    And ‘No promises’, it’s like the best song ever made..NOT. I want to knee the guy who sings it every time I hear it (which I try to make sure is not often), and this is two months later.

    Great country, aye?

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