[BAPD] : Ana Falasteeni


BAPD – Blog About Palestine Day

          Instead of writing a whole paragraph explaining my contribution to the Jordanian blogosphere on BAPD, I will let the rest of my lines speak for them self. I hope my contribution was worthwhile. Awaiting everyone’s feedback on it. Long live Palestine.


” Ana Falasteeni “

Guns, tanks, bombs and planes

They all may break our bones

Kill every man, woman and child

We stand, we stand alone

Zionists came, zionists saw

Conquered us, they did not

Our nation they divided

With a wall they put up


With God upon our right flank

Our hearts upon the left

Those cowards with their guns

Body armor thick and black

We have stood tall

We always will

No zionist can ever kill

Our soul, our cause

Our right to live

It’s our land

We will prevail


For sixty years we’ve resisted

Sixty years of blood

48, 67 and again in 08

Our towns returned to dust

Our olive trees de-rooted

Our heritage shriveled up

For sixty years we fought

With leaders standing abroad

Watching as our fellow Arabs

Refuse to end the brawl


Stand up, be heard

Be seen, spread the word

Palestine’s on every map

Surrounded on every crest

By Arab land, by Arab people

Arab people

My people

Your people

Our people 

The holy land belongs to us


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10 responses to “[BAPD] : Ana Falasteeni

  1. Beautiful words my friend … very nice !!
    Thanks for your contribution

  2. Thanks to both of you :).
    To be honest, I’m kind of disappointed :(, where is everyone ? Ween el nas eli lebsat el 7atta ow saya7at yom ma itdamarat Gaza ? Ween eli sharako bil maseerat ow rafa3o soothom ? Weenhom ? Ana bagolak weenhom! Bi3malo quizzes 3ala facebook ! When it was BAJD, the buzz was magnificent. Now when it’s BAPD ba6al 7ada iybayen ? I’m so fucking disappointed.

  3. PS Facebook is lame :\

  4. I was surprised by the lack of posting as well. It was pretty much the usual suspects, even with itoot behind it. Do people have compassion fatigue?

    I was late as I couldn’t tconnect with my interviewee, sorry for not helping keep momentum up.

  5. Save me your whining. The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Since biblical times, there has been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel. There have only been 3 independent states in Israel, all Jewish: The Davidic Kingdom, the Hasmonean Dynasty and the modern State of Israel. There was never a Palestine or a Palestinian people. The Romans gave the land the name “Palestine” to try and erase the Jewish connection to the Land.

    Despite the exile, Jews always maintained a presence in the Land. The Arabs may have invaded and occupied the Land but that does not give them any right to colonize it. Israel is Jewish and will always be.

    The Arabs have tried numerous times to destroy Israel. You would think after so many crushing defeats, you would give up. G-d is standing up for His people. You cannot defeat the G-d of Israel.

    The Land of Israel, for the Nation of Israel, according to the Torah of Israel!

    Ana Yehud! Don’t touch my land!

  6. Josh

    not bad.. i helped with most of it though.. =P

  7. Good post, I like your style,

  8. I wish I could come up with such interesting posts

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