Warning : The following post contains graphic content. Blogger discretion is advised.

I haven’t signed in to my Facebook account in so long, I probably don’t know how to use it anymore. Other than rubbish replacement for an interface there’s this new trend of Facebook quizzes. My home page is infested with people taking “How well do you know me” quizzes. I remember the first time Facebook had the quizzes they were just a one time thing and you had to put in a few questions about yourself and it was fun while it lasted. But now you can put all sorts of shit into your quiz and all that garbage. Anyway, that’s not what bothered me at all, I don’t really mind people taking each other’s quizzes for kicks just to see how much each person will score on it, but what disturbed me a few minutes ago was this :


The guy took a “How big ARE you?” quiz to see what Facebook would tell him about the size of his wiener. I wonder if he felt bad when it told him he didn’t surprise the ladies. Hahaha! The funny shit that people do, especially on Facebook.

Later today I’m going to take that quiz and find out what questions it asks, hahahaha! I’ll update the post later on today =P I’m going to hang out with Yameen now.

Toodles for now :).


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9 responses to “Warning : The following post contains graphic content. Blogger discretion is advised.

  1. Beside it’s a bit funny, it’s also silly.. so what is the good about knowing how long or how is your sexuality?? I think this is the most silliest quiz i have ever seen before.
    Anyway, it’s just a way of life and everyone have his/her own way

  2. Back in my day we used a ruler. hahah

  3. hahaha… these quizzes are stupid, but sometimes, like this one, they can be so amusing 😀

  4. nuha

    you are disgusting. last time i’ll make a stop at your blog

  5. Nuha’s comment gains the #1 spot in my all time favorite comments and she just made my day :D.

  6. You’ve been tagged (along with yameen)

  7. Dude/Dudette!!

    Just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago!! Must admit… I LOVE IT!! I’m glad there are more Jordanian bloggers. It makes me homesick at times but still keeps me in the know!!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    P.S. I can’t believe there’s a quiz like that…. hahahahaha!! I still hate the “how well do you know me” quiz… it drives me up the wall! And if there isn’t a wall… I will build one and drive myself up.

  8. Don’t we just love getting compliments =D. Thanks Liane !
    The funny thing is, we haven’t blogged in AGES! Finals suck >_>
    We’ll be back soon, I promise you that..
    Thanks for stopping by :), don’t be a stranger now 🙂

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