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Look alike celebrities

Here’s a funny couple of pictures I pulled off the internet  of celebrity look-alikes : 


No one go all ethical on me and tell me it’s wrong to make fun of the weight-challenged, because I’m not making fun of his weight. The guy’s at a club for God’s sake :P!


Here’s your girlfriend Sa3ed, notice he looks like a “Cocker Spaniel”, pun intended :P.


Jack Black rocks !


Hahahahaha ! I despise Lindsay LOWhan >_> …


Sweet as lollipops ! Hahaha!


I wonder who came first, hmm…


Billy Mays, the guy from all those late night infomercial like Oxi-Clean. Billy Mays also recently passed away. He was exactly as old as Michael Jackson. R.I.P Billy and Michael [1958-2009]. My mom was also a big fan of Farrah Fawcett. So here’s a tribute to all of them : 





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The Sound At The Back Of Your Throat


Our language is dead. No more heavy consonants and long vowels with soft meanings. No more names only you and I know.

Because no one speaks Us anymore.


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He changed my world

Did he change yours ?



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I don’t remember the last time I wrote a very meaningful post, so today, I’m going to do just that, or attempt to. This one is dedicated to all mothers out there : my mother, your mother and wonderful women who will become mothers one day :). It’s dedicated to blogger moms that I follow online : Kinzi, 7aki fadi, Maioush, Dino and all women bloggers that shall blossom into moms.

To start off, I shall quote the holy books on this matter.

First, the 5th commandment of the bible’s ten :


5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.


      • Psalm 139:13
        You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    Proverbs 31:10-12 and 25-31
    A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.

    Her husband has full confidence in her
    and lacks nothing of value.

    She brings him good, not harm,
    all the days of her life.

    She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.

    She speaks with wisdom,
    and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

    She watches over the affairs of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

    Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:

    “Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them all.”

    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

    Give her the reward she has earned,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.


Secondly, I quote The Holy Quran :

(( وَقَضَى رَبُّكَ أَلاَّ تَعْبُدُواْ إِلاَّ إِيَّاهُ وَبِالْوَالِدَيْنِ إِحْسَانًا. إمّا يبلغنّ عندك الكِبر احدهما أو كلاهما فلا تقل
لهما أفٍّ ولا تنهرهما وقل لهما قولاً كريمًا .وَاخْفِضْ لَهُمَا جَنَاحَ الذُّلِّ مِنَ الرَّحْمَةِ وَقُلْ رَبِّي ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا))

I point out the most crucial part which is : “Wa la taqol lahom offan”. God himself brought it down to even not saying the word “Uff” to your parents.

Thirdly, The Hadith :

1. The Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him: Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother (Ahmad, Nasai).

2. 2. A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim).

In Arabic :

فقد جاء رجل إلى النبي (صلى الله عليه وآله) فقال: يا رسول الله من أبر؟

قال (صلى الله عليه وآله): أمك.

قال: ثم من؟

قال(صلى الله عليه وآله): أمك.

قال: ثم من؟

قال (صلى الله عليه وآله): أمك.

قال: ثم من؟

قال (صلى الله عليه وآله): أباك


This post in not only about quoting the Holy books, but it is about a much more personal issue that I tend to realize and then quickly forget. My mother, your mother, our mothers should all be put on top of the world, but the reality is far from that.

You, reading this post right now, yes YOU, do you remember the last time you argued or shouted at your mom ?

For those who live with their moms : When was the last time you went up to your mom and kissed her hands ? Kissed her face ? Just gave her a hug and said: “Thank you mom”.

For those away from your moms : When was the last time you picked up the phone and called your mom ? Said I love you to her before you hung up the phone ?

For those whose moms are no longer with us [may God rest their souls] : When was the last time you lit a candle and prayed for her soul ? Simply talked to her and said you missed her ?

I’m not saying I’m the best person around, for God knows I’ve done plenty to anger and upset my mom, but I smile in those moments when I just go up to mom and hug her and tell her I love her. Recently, I’ve had it very rough. I’ve been through so much in the past few months that I finally cracked and called mom and just cried on the phone. It was 5 o’clock in the morning, a few hours before my first exam and I woke her up and spilt my guts, I couldn’t take it anymore. My mom, as kind and caring as she is, calmed me down and told me to go to the exam and everything would be okay very soon. Two days later, my door bell rings and guess who it is :). Without prior warning she’s there yelling “Surprise!”. She spent almost 10 days with me in my small apartment and it was wonderful :). She took care of me and fed me and washed my clothes and cleaned my house and showed me how truly selfless and loving a mother really is. It’s times like those that most count in a person’s life. It’s times like these that I kneel down and pray to God for making mothers the way they are.

I don’t care if you’re not religious, or even if you don’t believe in God. Every single one of us owes his life to his mother, first and foremost for giving birth to you. I won’t discuss issues of abandonment or those who grew up without a mother, but the fact is we’ve all been in a womb before. Every mom knows the pain of 9 months of bearing a child, every mom knows the beauty of giving birth. It’s a holy experience, that no male can ever know or go through.

Honor your mother. Cherish your mother. Tell her you love her. Show her how much she means to you.

If you read this post and found out that you’ve neglected your mom lately, don’t frown, don’t be afraid and don’t sit around doing nothing. As much as moms are loving and caring, they are forgiving. I’ve done plenty of stuff that I regret and will regret for the rest of my life. I’ve done bad things, and I’ve sinned in the eyes of God and in the eyes of every human being. One thing I know is that whatever you’ve done, however much you’ve neglected your mom, shouted at her, argued with her, she will always love and forgive you.

Go up to her now if she’s there, call her up if she’s away or light a candle if she’s gone. Just tell her you love her…

*Dedicated finally to the soul of my friend’s mom, may she rest in peace and may God take care of her just like she took care of her family*


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Birthday blues..

Yesterday was not exactly a very good day for me. It started off very meh, and at 11 pm it all went South. I was online fixing my friend’s new iPhone when my computer says “You’ve got mail!”. As exciting as it is getting new mail, most of my new email notifications lately have been a ba3sa. So I checked it, and it said this : “Mahmoud invited you to “JadaL and DAM  Live in concert فرقة جدل مع فرقة دام من فلسطين” on Wednesday, July 1 at 8:00pm.” Other than the fact that my 2 favourite arabic bands, one Hip Hop and the other Rock, are playing together and they have a new song out that they’ve been working on for a year now,  I can’t go because I’m stuck in Dubai !!! I’ve seen performances by both of them separately , DAM being the more memorable one since they came from Palestine, and Jadal over at JARA a few weeks ago. The more depressing part is that if I was back in Amman right now, the concert would have been on my birthday !! I would have gotten the most memorable birthday present ever !! *weeps*

I thought I was going to come over to Dubai and find these amazing concerts since all I’ve heard is “Akon in Dubai!”, “Coldplay in Dubai!”… 5ara in Dubai! All they’ve got performing soon is Keane, and it’s AFTER I leave to Amman! I hate my luck !!!!!!! So I come here and there’s NOTHING! I leave Amman and all the best gigs are when I leave !!!

Anyway, if you guys like DAM or Jadal, or both, here’s a link to a show that you shouldn’t miss at all : Click me ! Seriously, if you want to have a blast and enjoy an amazing show, please go to this event !!

* To a very special girl out there [who I’m sure is going to save me a spot next to her while attending this :P], I hope this concert cheers you up 🙂 it’s exactly what you need. Don’t pay less than 3 😉 *


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Another good day

I was asleep, depressed and tired when my brothers decided to piss me off, wake me up and take me out! We went to this place called “Dubai Bowling Center” which was a change to sitting at home! 36 lanes of bowling, lots of foosball tables, billiards, those basketball hoop games and food! We had such a great time, I urge everyone in Dubai to go there. As usual me and mr brothers just goofed around for hours with everything! It’s the first time I’ve had this much fun since, umm, a few months! After zat, we had Dunkin’ Donuts !! A LOT of Dunkin’ and Ice Cream ! >_> So much for the blubber, eh KJ ?

Here are a few Fotoz : 



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Want to get a tattoo ?

Tattoos are a nice thing to have, if they have meaning. Sometimes I see pictures of people who have a Shaolin Shogun War painted on their back… please, you’re not even chinese.  Anywho, so my brother has this thing for reading and watching MSNBC news and videos and he happened to send me a link to this tattoo gone wrong story. Apparently this 18 year old Belgian girl fell asleep while getting a tattoo on her face [she asked for 3 stars on her face] and woke up an hour later after the pain she felt while he was tattooing stars on her nose! She ended up with 56 stars on 1 half of her face ! Fuck me ! That’ll definitely teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. Seriously can you imagine asking for 3 stars on your face and getting 56 ? The worst part is, the guy who did her tattoos said she asked for 56.

Here’s the girl :


Here’s the guy who did this to her  :


Lovely 🙂 just the guy I would ask to give me a tattoo !

More details : [Here]


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