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Each and every one of us has been in a tough situation before. We all have our moments of weakness and we all have our times of insecurity. The thing that matters though, isn’t how you start or go through with it, it’s where you end up. Life is a bumpy road, meant to give us all an uncomfortable ride along the way, but bumps will only make us stronger. So tell me, when you are in such a situation, what works for you ?

– When you fall off the horse, get right back on it.

– What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

– Cry and let it out, crying helps.

What happens when all above statments don’t get you anywhere ? What happens when I’m immune to all the above that nothing works anymore. Nothing! No words can ever cause me to get up again. What would you say ? Do ? Tell me to do ? What would you do ?

Tell me …


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19 responses to “Tell me

  1. zem

    mmm get a rifle and shoot some birds 😀 it helps

  2. Is that supposed to be a pun on the post above it Zem >_> ?

  3. I can’t really help you on this one, lol..

    If nothing works out, none of those, then maybe you should try harder..?

    I don’t honestly know..

  4. Saed I really don’t know what to tell you … “Ohh my, a shiny coin..!”

  5. Adib

    what doesn’t kill you makes you wish it did.

  6. And here I thought this was a serious post >.>

  7. >_> Asshole, it was. When I was feeling bad! Something EXACTLY like your post..I’m numb.

  8. Thanks a lot Adib (Y) I’m wishing it already..

  9. Meh, you know, I think it takes a while for that little thing to make its appearance and really inspire you, at least for a bit, it won’t make you more energetic, but it kinda will cheer you up.

    I saw an Iron Maiden video on RockTV, and it kinda cheered me up, I’m still not GREAT, but it really helps to let stuff out.
    It’s nice when a song sneaks up on you and makes you feel something 🙂
    This live version of Soothsayer snuck up on me, though it takes a long time to load, it’s pretty nice and emotionally cramped.

    Anyhoo (lol I just remembered your anyhooters, you sick sick man :P), it’ll get better, sooner or later.

    And you’re gonna be thinking “man FACK this! Why the hell do I care? I wanna live!! You’ll never bring me down!!! NEVAAARRRR!!”

    And then you’ll be free, and you’ll speak your mind, and it will feel better than a morning masturbation session.

    Cheers, it’ll get better, it’s like Bob Marley said in Redemption song (which kinda always gives me hope depending on how much I feel like accepting):

    “None of them can stop the time”

    Cheers Chimmie

  10. I would everyone who reads this comment to notice how Saed called me sicks because I said “Anyhooters” and then replied with his “Morning masturbation session” >_> I won’t even comment on it.
    Bob is the man ! Too bad we don’t have a stack of hash to make things better though =P
    I know man, I just need that SPARK to get things ignited. Still looking though, maybe if I go back home and get that new guitar, maybe that’ll be the spark, but you never know.

  11. *ignores first paragraph*

    Yeah lol, good man he is.

    Hang in there 🙂

  12. Well if you choose to be “immune”, and choose to not get up again then how are we supposed to help you?

    This past 2-3 of years I’ve been through a couple of really big let downs where I just didn’t feel like actively living life anymore. One failure after the other, it was ridiculous!

    I can tell you what I know makes me feel better when I got knocked off my horse, but what good would that do? So my honest answer would be I wouldn’t waste my time giving someone pep talks who decided they don’t really want to listen in the first place.

    When you’re ready to really listen, let me know.

  13. Ready to listen ? I wish someone would talk to me aslan.
    That’s my whole point, people don’t care nowadays. It’s just everyone and their personal interests it’s so hard to find a person you can really call a friend.
    The last time I had a good conversation when I was feeling down was a year ago before my best friend left to study half way round the world, now I barely catch him online to ask how he’s doing.
    My partner left me, I almost lost my career because of it, and here I am asking for help on the internet :).

  14. JOSH

    as ur bff.. i’m telling u to go die.. =)
    just make sure ur mom gives me the guitar.. 😉 its a piece of shit.. but its better than nothing…

    heres something to cheer u up though…

    “Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on his mother… Everytime they hit a bump, he had another brother…”

  15. Ohh hey, it’s my dick of a best friend. I’m not giving you my guitar! I’m going to burry it with me.

  16. “Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on his mother… Everytime they hit a bump, he had another brother…”


  17. Oiy archi-tact, don’t you have something productive to do ?

  18. Methgal

    ill tell you what make me get up again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again

    its the look on your parents face when they see that you have become more than what they have hoped for ?
    am i right ?or not 😛

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