The Pilot

The main reason I despise Jordanian internet is because of the ISP’s “Bandwith” limit >_>. Seriously, you can only stream so much information online, before your speed drops to a lousy 128 Kb/s. I pay 50 JD’s worth of Orange Internet and get a measly 24 GB of limit, ugh! Soon thereafter, it takes me a few hours to download a PDF file.

Anyway, that’s not today’s topic, because if I wish to discuss Orange and their internet services I’m going to end up bad mouthing a lot of people. A LOT of people 🙂 so let’s stick to this post’s topic. The main reason I use up so much bandwith is because I tend to stream a lot of online TV series. Mostly comedies but anything that’s good enough to watch I stream online. [No, Grey’s Anatomy is not even close to a good TV series]


What I noticed was that every new TV series I start watching [The latest one being Greek. If anyone’s seen that please share your opinion on it, I’m still on episode 4 of the first season, should I continue ?], the first episode is always called “Pilot”. I’m a picky person when it comes to knowing stuff, and usually [ask Yameen], I end up surfing online for hours trying to get every single bit of info about what I want, and talk to her about it for another few hours. [Usually she ends up screaming at me to SHUT UP! :P]…Ahh, good times.

Anyhooters, does anyone know why the first episode of every TV series is called “Pilot” ? 

P.S. : I now know the answer after getting 20 responses within the first 10 minutes of asking the question on Yahoo Answers, but still, it’s fun to see if you guys think this topic is anywhere near interesting :). I’ll post the answer up later when I get some responses to this post.


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17 responses to “The Pilot

  1. Adib

    Because it takes off the show!

  2. Not exactly, there’s more detail than that..

  3. Adib

    well, it is some kinda trial episode, and if things go well and it hits then they go on with the show, and if doesn’t get good ratings then the show just crashes down.
    I think.

  4. Someone snooped around on Yahoo Answers, didn’t we now..*whistles*

  5. Orange is the worst internet provider. Last week my internet crashed and they kept telling me that it’ll be fixed in an hour, and surprise one day later, still not working. They must’ve put me at least 2 hours on hold. so when one of their employees finally picked up the phone and told me to stay on hold for a few “seconds” (they love that word) I screamed my head off at her. Quite liberating.

  6. Hahaha! Farah I’ve had more screaming episodes with Orange than with my girlfriend 😛
    I’ve fought with them over internet bills, iPhone bills, house phone bills! EVERYTHING!
    Bala mo2a5athe, bas sha3ebna ma bimshi ila bil sya7. Bas yitbahdalo bimshi el wade3 🙂

  7. Quote:
    “[No, Grey’s Anatomy is not even close to a good TV series]”

    Cheers to that!!

    Anyway, I’m guessing coz of John Pilot who created television and is the first person to actually create a tv show that started a craze back before people got easily brainwashed. Then he got assassinated and impregnated by Chuck Norris.
    So in his memory they called it a Pilot, because it will impregnate you.

    So basically I don’t know, but I think it’s coz a pilot takes the plane (show) and makes it fly (successful) or he can crash it, bascially coz first impressions are very important for the show, coz it makes a lot of people hate or like it.

    Wo toote toote 5ilsat il 7atoote

  8. Farah you have been becoming increasingly violent, I’m shcared 😛

    I have a feeling the time will come when I will call to say hey and end up getting wordly raped through the phone. XD

  9. Hahahahahaha! Chuck Norris for president !!
    *2 thumbs up for the best answer ever*
    Hahaha Saed, a7la 7atoote :P!

  10. Lol la77a2et to reply?

    Morning 😛

  11. Top of the morning to you too babe 😀

  12. LOOOL creepy 😀

    Aii Laiik et!

  13. Stop spamming my blog! Go on someone else’s. Go spam Farah’s :P. Or not wait, she might pull an “Orange” on you. Haha!

  14. Well lets see, the regional branch for the non-prof that I work for is part of a pilot program. We’re like the experiment branch with a short-term contract setup to acheive a specific set of goals.

    If all goes well and we’ve proved to be an effective program, then we may become more permanent…..just like the first episode of a new show!

  15. I like my chuck norris and john pilot story more.


  16. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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