How do you shower ?


As you can see I’m extremely bored and my topics are extremely idiotic, but what the hell. I want YOU to tell ME how you shower. No, I’m not asking in a perverted way ! I just got out of the shower and noticed that I stand with my back to the shower the entire time. I can’t face the shower head when taking a shower. I try to, but I end up getting annoyed and giving it my back again. So tell me, how do you shower ? Back to the shower ? Face to the shower ? [If you shower in a perverted way, please refrain from answering this question..]

Speaking of showers, I don’t like the water in Jordan nowadays because of 2 things :

1. I’m not getting the pressure that I used to get 3 years ago.

2. My hair texture is funny.


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3 responses to “How do you shower ?

  1. HAHAHA 😀 … what’s next ? would you like to run an internet survey of how do we use the toilet 😛

    For what it’s worth, i never thought about it but i guess i twirl around alternating between front and back.

    There … mystery solved 😀

  2. See, it’s fun 😀 Next, we’ll find out how you guys use your shampoo. Clockwise or anti-clockwise Za3tar ? 😛

  3. Methgal

    when it come to hard physics your good
    simple physics you suck ,, i do to
    but abo 5ee6 is not the dude is smart when it comes to handy work ( but he fucks a lot ) i have a 2nd pump so i can get high pressure ok
    the pressure went after a while , abo rope spilled some acid in the pips ( safe acid i dnt know its for opening closd pips thay sell it around dowar el naseem {not a dowar but thats how irbid ppl is } ) pressure got back ,,, you should do the same


    i shower rotationally just keep on turing around my self
    i never get dizzy ,, but if i did outside the shower i vomit proudly hahahah

    use head & shoulders with na3na3 hahaha
    brush my teeth always i dnt know why

    o bas


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