Project Natal & Milo


After seeing Qwaider’s last post on Project Natal, I YouTube’d the project and found something related to Natal : Milo. Apparently Milo is an interactive child linked with Project Natal, that interacts with you as a normal human being would. He’s programmed to do everything, including know how you’re feeling from the tone of your voice. He has voice and facial recognition software, including full interactive capabilities. My judgement on Natal varies however way I look at it. Is it an exquisite piece of technology ? Yes it is. Is it something I would say is extremely functional ? No, I don’t think it is. I’m going to post 2 videos, the first of Natal itself and the second of Milo. Watch them both and tell me what you think.

Would you really want to play a car game by holding your hands out like we used to, back when we were 6, and pretend we were driving in the back of dad’s SUV ? Wouldn’t your arms get tired of being held up like that, not grabbing anything for support, especially if you’re a hard core gamer ?

How about Milo ? An interactive child in a TV set ? Everyone who’s seen the movie AI remembers the idea of “feelings” and what really separates us from artificial intelligence. Those were physical robots, now this is a virtual boy in a TV set asking you why you’re feeling upset ? Jesus Christ, what’s happening to this world ?  Seriously, what happened to going out in the wild ? Actually fishing! What happened to playing basketball instead of grabbing a controller and playing NBA Live, or now having to “pretend” we’re throwing a ball into a hoop, or jumping up and down instead of on a real skateboard. Where’s the fun in skateboarding if you’re not going to fall and hurt yourself a few times. Natal my ass! Milo my ass! You want to meet a little boy and talk to him go to the park. [Warning : in no way am I encouraging grown-ass men and women to go to the park and start talking to little boys. Unless you’re Michael Jackson, please don’t attempt it.]



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10 responses to “Project Natal & Milo

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this technology. I mean it’s good that the kids are finally getting off their asses and moving about.. but it was so much more fun when it was outside with other kids, you know?

  2. Milo is probably a very lonely old man sitting at home with no friends, who wants to spread his “kid” around so everyone can meet him.
    Milo ? That’s like a dog’s name.
    Natal ?
    God, no wonder Microsoft suck.

  3. Hence why I go for a Mac! Microsoft is completely lame. I showed the video to my roommates and they both loved it!! Weirdos.
    Also, the name Milo reminds me of the Mask!

  4. Man you’re on a roll with creepy posts aren’t you?


    But yeah, I have no idea what happened to the good time we just ran out and played in the streets or the backyard. I used to play video games as a kid (Sonic and Oddworld and stuff :D), but I never got too addicted and I used to go play outside.

    Hopefully parents would take the responsibility to make sure that their children go out to play or something, rather than being horribly paranoid.

    People are very insecure nowadays, it would not shock me that people would just stick to virtual people who wouldn’t risk their child’s life nor risk other people making fun of them.

    These stuff seem like a literal escape from reality for people, and with escape being that easy, I don’t see how people’s relationship with one another and the social situations in societies would ever improve.

    Hopefully kids at a young age wouldn’t be able to stay at home and go through school days online, that would just end their life.

  5. More creepy posts to come 🙂

  6. You know, telling people to go outside and play doesn’t mean that they will. Video games have their allure. People have been captivated and spent insane amount of time playing them since the 80s. It’s just a new way to have fun.

    As for extending your arms in the Air and pretending to drive. It’s just an example, you can however, get a real steering wheel, scan it, and use it to drive like many racing games do today (and have been since the 80s)

    Think of this as just another way to communicate with the game.. Nothing more!

  7. btw .. one of the people who worked on this is in the lab where i am training this summer … he gave a talk about it last week, but it was in the early morning and so i missed it 😦

    lazy me

  8. You just angered some very nice people.

  9. Methgal

    ill tell you what i think … no ill tell you what am sure of
    ,, this technology is amazing you all can not disagre

    . its really amazing what technology become
    ,,, this natal project is really cool ,, but putting it in the gaming world is wrong , what if i want to play a strategy game ,, am sure there will not be any cuz its so hard to control ,,till now some ppl (like me ) hate using touch screen now we have nothing to touch hahah

    plus like shmal said you cant just stick you hands out without garbing a real steering wheel , where is the feeling in that just looking at a screen

    as a really really really heavy gamer i tell you this natal project is not going to be successful unless if you
    think of natal project not as a interactive game instead , a government software screens in some parts of the

    country you go talk to bob ( older than milo )
    tell him you want a new driver license , renew you passport ,,, or maby bob is online tell him u want to book a flight ,, i think thats more useful

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