Calling all girls, I have a pair of Vans for sale!

Are you a cool hip girl ? Do you like the brand Vans ? Is your shoe size US 8.5 ? Would you like to buy a gift for your friend who is a girl (or a very girly boy) and has a foot whose size is equivalent to a US 8.5 (US 7 for the girly boy) ? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions, I have just the thing for you !

I am selling a brand new Pink and Black Vans (an unwanted gift) for just 30 JD’s (price negotiable, bas mish itfakro bale ya3ni). It’s an original unworn Vans, but I don’t have their box, unfortunately. If you are interested or you know a friend who’s interested then please contact me at : s.haddad3 at gmail dot com.

Here are the shoes : 






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7 responses to “Calling all girls, I have a pair of Vans for sale!

  1. QUOTE!
    “..(or a very girl boy)..”


  2. Tinooooooooooooo

    your maid called me… asking me if I could buy her the shoes, I told her to suck it first… but her mouth muscles aren’t developed as well as I thought.. so I told her to buy them herself.. bitch >_>
    are these the shoes? *wink wink*????

  3. methgal

    hey i wana buy them ok when we get back

  4. methgal

    50 % sure

  5. methgal

    cuz of the size ok

  6. When I come back we’ll talk 🙂

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