Back in Dubai

So I’m back in the UAE, whoot! The ride was a drag cause I spent the day before it awake till 9 in the morning studying for my last exam, so hopefully I did good. I arrived at like 2 in the morning in Dubai and what’s the first thing I do ? Yes! Alcohol from the airport !! Wohooo! Blue Fig is such a fucking rip off ! You drink a Corona for 3.75 JD and I bought a 6-pack for 7 JD ! So basically you can buy 2 Coronas for the price of 6 at the Duty Free. I ❤ Dubai Duty Free.

The automatic doors slide open and wooosh, that sweet , err, hot and humid air blasts in your face to remind you that you need to rush into your car and turn the air conditioner on! I miss Jordan’s fresh air :(. So the first day goes by smoothly, I see my family and it’s all hugs and kisses, and exchanging of punches with my brothers , and I went to bed later on. The next day I’m reminded that I live in the whorish streets of Rigga and I got a few invites : “Massage baby ?” and “140 dirhams, 1 hour”. Hahaha! All I wanted was a damn Pepsi ! Il mohiz [ahh, Z], I had this amazing Shawerma yesterday from this Iraqi place that serves the meat in “Iraqi Samoon”, which is kinda plump at the middle and flat on the ends, anyway, it was sweet! That same day I had my first encounter with the largest mall in the world [Dubai Mall]! Which contains the worlds largest fountain and lies next to the tallest tower in the world [Burj Dubai]. In my personal opinion, I have no fucking clue why these idiots spend millions and millions on this ? Is it worth it ? Other than the – really amazing – aquarium and ice rink inside the mall, it’s a total waste of money and space. It’s just repetitive shops and shops that we’ve all seen in any other mall in the fucking world. Mishan allah, ino 5alas ! Who the fuck buys everything from Cartier, Breitling and LV ? How the fuck do you even pronounce LV ? [The latter being a Russell Peters joke, youtube it.] I’m not saying it’s not really nice to go to but it’s a waste. Like the Atlantis hotel.. God, don’t get me started. Anyway, like I said, humid, barely-breathable air, hookers and very expensive shops and buildings : welcome to Dubai :D.

The most fun I’ve had so far is visiting the Thompson, Yamaha music shop and trying out all their guitars. Apparently, I’m not very good at playing the electric guitar :P. Also today, I saw the movie “The taking of Pelham 123”, the new movie for Denzel and Travolta! Please go see it. It doesn’t have a very nice story line to it, but those actors I respect. They played their roles perfectly. If you’re a fan of either, go see the movie!

Other than that, my first 2 days consisted of sleeping and trying to unlock my damn iPhone ! Anywho, till I do something a little more fun with some pictures, I’ll show you guys what I’ve been up to!

Toodles 🙂


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8 responses to “Back in Dubai

  1. KJ


    Welcome back dude! Dubai’s hot humid air missed thee 😛

    And I do agree with the waste of space. The the good thing about it is that it secured jobs for all the employees working there, so that’s a good thing at least.

  2. Yeah I’m sure it’s because they thought of the employees *rolls eyes*.
    The only thing people with power want, is MORE power !
    Look at me, I have the biggest shit in the world! [quote : His Highness.. let’s not get into that shall we 🙂 lisa imbare7 wasel :P]

  3. OMG.. I was almost freaking out during Pelham 123. I really get into the movie, if I am enjoying it. I think I was annoying my friends, because I am stressing out and you can actually see that I am tensing up and I was sitting between them. Oh well, that’s how I am. Then the next day, I went and saw Year One, the one with Michael Cera and Jack Black, and I fell asleep. Thank goodness it was a free movie ticket!

  4. Dubai sounds likes a bad case of keeping up with the Joneses.

    enjoy your stay and have one ice cold Apple Barbican on me.

  5. Haha, it’s a beauty.
    Hopefully I will enjoy it :D. I’m buying 2 Barbicans ow wa7de a5aleeha 3al 6awle ilak 😛

  6. If you’d like you can watch The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 the movie here for free:

  7. Hi nice post about the movie. If you would like to watch it for free, then go here:

  8. The Burj Dubai is an amazing structure at 818 metres tall. It will have its grand opening on 1st December this year.

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