Want to get a tattoo ?

Tattoos are a nice thing to have, if they have meaning. Sometimes I see pictures of people who have a Shaolin Shogun War painted on their back… please, you’re not even chinese.  Anywho, so my brother has this thing for reading and watching MSNBC news and videos and he happened to send me a link to this tattoo gone wrong story. Apparently this 18 year old Belgian girl fell asleep while getting a tattoo on her face [she asked for 3 stars on her face] and woke up an hour later after the pain she felt while he was tattooing stars on her nose! She ended up with 56 stars on 1 half of her face ! Fuck me ! That’ll definitely teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. Seriously can you imagine asking for 3 stars on your face and getting 56 ? The worst part is, the guy who did her tattoos said she asked for 56.

Here’s the girl :


Here’s the guy who did this to her  :


Lovely 🙂 just the guy I would ask to give me a tattoo !

More details : [Here]


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5 responses to “Want to get a tattoo ?


    wala eshy .. lol
    btw , he reminded me b Michel Scofield :P:P
    (amma hoo) ..

  2. Adib

    Ya right she fell asleep! how the hell do you fall asleep while getting tattooed! i think she asked for 56.

  3. I don’t think she’d fuck up her face just to get a few bucks off a law suit..

  4. methgal

    hahahah believe me she was drunk

  5. Oh my! It must have been shocking to her! But, how can one fall asleep when getting a tattoo? I thought it’s supposed to be painful.

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