Another good day

I was asleep, depressed and tired when my brothers decided to piss me off, wake me up and take me out! We went to this place called “Dubai Bowling Center” which was a change to sitting at home! 36 lanes of bowling, lots of foosball tables, billiards, those basketball hoop games and food! We had such a great time, I urge everyone in Dubai to go there. As usual me and mr brothers just goofed around for hours with everything! It’s the first time I’ve had this much fun since, umm, a few months! After zat, we had Dunkin’ Donuts !! A LOT of Dunkin’ and Ice Cream ! >_> So much for the blubber, eh KJ ?

Here are a few Fotoz : 



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4 responses to “Another good day

  1. lol that shocked picture is like those pictures of people when they see a 18 inch cawk XDD

  2. This is a family blog ! Bee have!

  3. man, someone sucks at Bowling!

  4. >_> Go wash your bike, and when you’re done wash my car 😛

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