Birthday blues..

Yesterday was not exactly a very good day for me. It started off very meh, and at 11 pm it all went South. I was online fixing my friend’s new iPhone when my computer says “You’ve got mail!”. As exciting as it is getting new mail, most of my new email notifications lately have been a ba3sa. So I checked it, and it said this : “Mahmoud invited you to “JadaL and DAM  Live in concert فرقة جدل مع فرقة دام من فلسطين” on Wednesday, July 1 at 8:00pm.” Other than the fact that my 2 favourite arabic bands, one Hip Hop and the other Rock, are playing together and they have a new song out that they’ve been working on for a year now,  I can’t go because I’m stuck in Dubai !!! I’ve seen performances by both of them separately , DAM being the more memorable one since they came from Palestine, and Jadal over at JARA a few weeks ago. The more depressing part is that if I was back in Amman right now, the concert would have been on my birthday !! I would have gotten the most memorable birthday present ever !! *weeps*

I thought I was going to come over to Dubai and find these amazing concerts since all I’ve heard is “Akon in Dubai!”, “Coldplay in Dubai!”… 5ara in Dubai! All they’ve got performing soon is Keane, and it’s AFTER I leave to Amman! I hate my luck !!!!!!! So I come here and there’s NOTHING! I leave Amman and all the best gigs are when I leave !!!

Anyway, if you guys like DAM or Jadal, or both, here’s a link to a show that you shouldn’t miss at all : Click me ! Seriously, if you want to have a blast and enjoy an amazing show, please go to this event !!

* To a very special girl out there [who I’m sure is going to save me a spot next to her while attending this :P], I hope this concert cheers you up 🙂 it’s exactly what you need. Don’t pay less than 3 😉 *


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2 responses to “Birthday blues..

  1. KJ


    OK I will go OCD on your apartment for your birthday and make you a delicious lunch. You can sit and upgrade my iPhone to 3.0 😀

  2. He3 he3, thanks for the offer :P. Dude if you want help with the iPhone seriously tell me, I have an OCD for fixing phones. I can’t see an iPhone mish zabet!

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