He changed my world

Did he change yours ?




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6 responses to “He changed my world

  1. He certainly was a part of my childhood… and was part of an evolution many still can’t realize.. that if he wasn’t the evolution itself.

    RIP MJ

  2. No he did not! But he did to my two bros! But I am a bit sad to say the truth!

  3. He never influenced my music. I mean sure, I listened to him and all my cousins were obsessed with him. But honestly, I wasn’t a big fan. Give me the Beatles and Pink Floyd any day and I’ll be the happiest person in the world!

  4. Abe

    He was the very first artist that i have listened to, he was a legend by all means !
    May his soul rest in peace !

  5. KJ

    Ditto Abe, he was the very first person I ever listened to. Sigh.

  6. I honestly love rock/metal music for the passion of it more than anything.

    Michael Jackson definitely had the passion and the emotions and the energy, it’s why he cuts through so strongly.

    His music lives on, he’s not dead.

    Cheers 🙂

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