The Sound At The Back Of Your Throat


Our language is dead. No more heavy consonants and long vowels with soft meanings. No more names only you and I know.

Because no one speaks Us anymore.



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6 responses to “The Sound At The Back Of Your Throat

  1. KJ

    you had too much to drink

  2. I’m going to 🙂

  3. languages can be revived, with diligent effort. 😉

  4. Sometimes it’s good to stop talking and listen.
    Anway WATER is a fins soultion for everything 🙂

  5. Kinzi – With time…
    Hicham – I don’t get the “water” part of your comment.

  6. Shmal: water makes people feel better at any situation. Even if they can’t talk, they still can drink so it’s some kind of metaphor. Anyway do you think language is dead or it’s ‘understanding’?

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